My analytics say I have people who have clicked who have not opened an email- how is that possible?

  • 10 October 2022
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I just started a flow and I have 2 email users who have been recorded as “clicked” in the analytics for that email….but those 2 email users do not show up in the “Opened” category as well.  I know that those 2 email users opened and clicked on those emails because both of them are personal email accounts of mine.  Why isn’t Klaviyo recording those 2 open events?


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@Carey Rouse 

Klaviyo tracking pixel by default is put on the bottom of the email so if your email is clipped or you don’t scroll till the end of your message it won’t count your email as open, and clicks are counted when you click so that is why you see the difference.

To fix this issue you can always change this setting and put your Klaviyo tracking pixel on the top of your emails so that this way every open will count.

To do this click:

  • your account on the bottom left corne
  • then click settings
  • then click on Email
  • then in the 2nd section Tracking Settings check the box for “Email Tracker Position” “Place the email tracking pixel at the top of the email content.”
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Thanks Bobi.  Makes total sense.

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What are the benefits and downsides of moving the tracking pixel?

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Hey @pwieland 

Thanks for the followup question!

By default, the pixel is located at the bottom of your emails, but if you send very large messages, then choosing to have this pixel at the top of your emails instead of the bottom can improve open tracking that is otherwise cut or clipped by some inbox providers. In contrast, if you choose to move the pixel to the top of your message, you will see some extra spacing added that you cannot adjust. Since tracking relies on a clear pixel, this will automatically add padding to function.

Hope this helps!