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  • 30 October 2021
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I am the designer for my client that holds the Klaviyo account. As user account was created for me to create and manage their lists and email campaigns. While previewing and sending test emails the client and I were able to receive the emails sent by Klaviyo without issue.

I have seeded our list with my email address, two gmail emails and client emails. Since launching the campaign almost 24 hours ago, only one of the email accounts has received an email from the campaign and that was a stock gmail account.

I checked my spam folder, my junk folder and my promotions folder in each of the accounts.

It doesn’t seem to make sense that I would receive test emails, but not live emails if the problem was the spam folder. Also, both gmail accounts are stock email accounts, so, they both should respond to incoming email the same way.

Is there a way to test and see what happened to the email on a granular level, such see if it was blocked by a firewall or the email address does not exist, etc?


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Hi @ishiiboy - welcome to the community.

If you go into your Campaign Analytics detail, and click on the “Recipient Activity” tab, it shows you more granular breakdown of who received, skipped, or “Other” reasons.  That might help you troubleshoot or see what’s going on with each Campaign.

Here’s a quick screenshot:

 Here’s some more information about the Campaign Analytics Recipient Activity information:

Let us know if this was helpful or if there are more questions!

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Hey @ishiiboy 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for help with your campaigns! Happy to help!

@retention is on top of it again. Just to add to what Joe shared, there are a couple of items to look at to troubleshoot your campaign. First, you want to check the opt-in settings for the Subscribers list. If it is set to double opt-in, the email address may not have completed the confirmation step and therefore will not send the campaign until they do. Next you can check your Campaign Analytics  where you can review the recipient activity for individual campaigns and see why someone did not receive the campaign or why they were skipped. Although Klaviyo does not share the email logs for specific reason for hard and soft bounces of emails you can dive into skipped profiles to see who and why. 

Also check out these Community post that talk about troubleshooting list double-opt in and campaign analytics.

Hope this helps. Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Thanks for sending over the suggestions. Further investigation revealed that there were only 86 recipients and that there were 366 skipped for Smart Sending, 4 skipped for Person Suppressed and 1 for being a Suspicious Email.

I thinkI understand why Smart sending skipped so many. The time period to wait was set too high.

Still not sure how to determine which of the suppressed emails were triggered by the double opt-in requirement and which emails were triggered by unsubscribed. I looked deeper into the analytics as you suggested, but when i click on Unsubscribed (3), I receive an error saying “There isn’t anyone here” (see screenshot). Doesn’t (3) mean that there are 3 unsubscribes?




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Hey @ishiiboy 

There is a known bug impacting the Campaign Analytics not showing who unsubscribed. I am adding your account to the list of users impacted by this bug and will update this thread when it has been solved! Thank you for your patience while Klaviyo solves this!

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My understanding is that those that unsubscribe are immediately removed from the primary list and then suppressed in the segmented lists. If that is the case, can I just send to the primary list until the bug gets fixed?