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  • 20 March 2023
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Hi !

I was wondering if there's any way I can configure the pause of emails to people until they open the last email send. The problem we find is that by activating the smart sending the mails are not sent to people if there’s another mail sent in the last 16 hrs, but we want to send the emails anyways (for example in a flow, or campaigns) maybe with a time delay but also having in consideration if the contact has open or not the last emails sent, so we can stop sending mails if a contact isn't opening them or wait for they open them and then send the next one. Thank you!


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@Eybie, take a look at this possible work around, you can create a conditional split based on if someone opens a specific email and giving it an additional delay if they have not opened the email yet.  It’s not perfect because after the second delay, it’s going to send again (though I suppose you can add yet another Conditional Split  multiple times over and over if you want).

Here’s a quick prototype of this Flow:

  • Email #1 is Sent in this Flow, it has a Message ID of UH3eaD
  • 1 Day Delay gives subscribers in this flow 24 Hours to open the email.  (You can vary this time of course).
  • The Conditional Split checks to see if the subscriber opened that specific email after the Time Delay.  If they have opened it, they proceed to get Email #2.
  • If they have not opened the email, an additional 2 Days Time Delay is applied (of course, you can vary this as well).  
  • Eventually, all subscribers in the Flow get Email #2 either after 1 Day, or after 3 Days (1 Day + 2 Days = 3 Days). 

See if that works for your scenario and let us know.