Question about incorporating external dynamic content in emails (customized for each recipient)

  • 8 August 2023
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Our audience list contains folks looking for new job listings in their zip code and surrounding area. The list has fields for zip code and each individual’s job keyword (Accountant, Software Developer, Mechanic, etc.). Obviously the zip and keyword values are unique for each of the members of the list.

We want to send a daily newsletter to this list with the job listing customized for each recipient. Based on the zip code and keyword, an external URL hosted by us can return individual job listings. How to incorporate this external block of content into the emails? I did some research and it is my understanding that there is a way to incorporate external dynamic content but that would be for the whole campaign. Can the external content be customized for each recipient? If yes, how to go about achieving this? Please point me in the right direction. Thank you!


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@red3i Honestly this sound to complicated even for me.. tried coming up with a suggestion but there are to many variables for me to have one.. To make this dynamic you need to dynamically check person zip code and also the keywords. We usually use custom properties for this but custom properties are easier when you want to show them to the customers, the problem become when you want to use the custom properties as conditions.

So in a way I would say this sounds like if statement where you can say if people are from this zip code and have this keyword send them this, or if they are from different zip code and different keyword send them other.. but the problem is you will have to manually write this code for all the if statements and then because of all the possible variations of the zip codes and keywords I would say this becomes to much complicated to a point where probably its not possible because eventually the code would get so big that it would increase the size of the email to much.

Honestly I will be waiting to hear what others have to say on this because it is kind of one of the most complicated issues I came to in Klaviyo so far..

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@red3i oof this seems like a complicated flow you could set up with all the different combinations - @retention @Bobi N. @Omar - any ideas?