Recent data and email not sending

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HI all,


I have a flow setup for a email to be sent out after a purchase. I noticed that this had not been sent out. I also noticed that Recent Data was not logging any events. Any ideas why this could be happening?




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Looking at the data there has been no data logged since I installed the app.

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I have attached some images. 


It isnt capturing any data it would seem:


I also added the code provided to track vistors to the product,liquid file

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Ok so the data is now updating and the flow preview trigger setup shows (sometimes) the last order that would qualify for the flow. Is it safe to assume this will now work going forward?


Thanks in advance

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Hello @DonA,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Glad to hear that your data is syncing over now! As part of the Shopify Integration, Klaviyo by default will sync over all historical data from Shopify but will prioritize the last 90 days of your data so you can get started right awayDepending on how many orders, customers and products your store has, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days to sync all of your data. Thus, this may just be caused by a syncing delay.

Alternatively, could this Shopify store you have integrated with Klaviyo be a new store with no prior order data? If the store was new and there has been no sales yet, then it would be expected behavior that Klaviyo would indicate no recent order data. 

You can also see if your Shopify integration with Klaviyo is working properly by going through and making a test purchase through your Shopify site and seeing if the sales data is synced to Klaviyo. 

Since it sounds like sales data is now being recorded within Klaviyo and that you are seeing the most recent event within your Preview Trigger Setup, it would be safe to assume that your flow is working property. You can also check this by reviewing both the contact that made the purchase to review their activity and see if they successfully received the flow. You can also review this data within the Flow Analytics to see if they successfully received the email or if they were skipped from the flow for a specific reason.

Hope this helps!


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Hi David,


Thanks for the reply.


The most recent data was over 12 hrs ago. Looking at the analytics it would seem that there have been no vistors to the website. I have had visits as its been recoreded by shopify and other apps i am using.

Will Klaviyo analytics include vists as well? 



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Hey @DonA,

Great question! 

Klaviyo is only able to track site visitors so long as these visitors become cookied via Klaviyo’s Web Tracking. General site visitors may still be tracked through your Shopify backend as well as third party tools such as Google Analytics; but would not be tracked by Klaviyo.

For example, a contact can become cookied and identified by Klaviyo’s web tracking if the contact fills out a signup form that is linked to a Klaviyo list, if the contact triggers the Started Checkout metric, if the contact places an order, if the contact came to your site through a Klaviyo email, etc. 

When you mentioned “The most recent data was over 12 hrs ago”, were you seeing this within the Integrations > Shopify tab? If so, this would only indicate that the last time these Shopify specific events (Started Checkout, Placed Order, Ordered Product and Fulfilled Order) were recorded and synced to Klaviyo took place more than 12 hours ago. This would not indicate the lack of site visitors in the last 12 hours. To see site traffic, we would recommend using tools such as your Shopify backend or Google Analytics to determine this as they would be able to track general traffic as opposed to only contacts who are cookied via Klaviyo.


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Ok thanks for the info David. It all seems to be working correctly now. 

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Hi again,


Have another query but didn't want to open another thread. I have a customer that qualifies for the abandoned checkout flow (even says so in the preview) but under the Analytics menu it seemed like it was skipped. Is there a reason why this would happen? 




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Hi @DonA,


More often than not, it’s usually a good sign when users get skipped from an abandoned cart flow. It’s usually due to them failing the flow filter which means that they ended up completing the purchase after triggering the “Started Checkout” event.


You can dive a bit deeper into the exact skipped reason by clicking on “Skipped” link within the “Analytics (30 Days)” menu within the flow. 


Hope this helps!


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Hi Julie


Thanks for replying.


They haven't purchased anything as yet so not to sure why it was skipped over. I have looked over the skipped reason but can't see why. I have another trigger setup for the same customer, I'll keep a look out and see how thats goes.