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I'm using unique coupon codes for my welcome flow with a prefix 10WELCOME. Example of a discount code is 10WELCOMEWL346BJ4. I'd like to tag customers that used this discount code, so I created a segment + flow to update profile property. This is because I want to tag everybody that made use of the discount so I can make reportings from this. 



However, eventough the discount codes are being used, there is nobody entering this segment. 

Should I change the settings of my segment? 
Or is there another way I can tag these customers?

thank you! 


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Hi @Femy,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

Keep in mind, you cannot segment or filter by a unique coupon code's prefix alone. I assume this is what you’re currently using in your segment definition (which would explain why users are not populating in the segment). But please correct me if that assumption is incorrect.

If that is the case and you want to tag users using a segment-triggered flow + an update profile property block, the coupon would either need to be static or you’d need to select each individual unique coupon code name in the segment i.e.  10WELCOMEWL346BJ4, 10WELCOMEKL45KX89, 10WELCOMEIJ67I873 etc. for all applicable coupons.

Since the latter method can be tedious, consider using a static coupon code , a flow triggered off of “Placed Order” and including a conditional split with the static coupon name (in this example the entire static code is WELCOME10). That will help streamline things. Here’s an example of what that would look like in a flow:



Then make use of the update profile property block down the “yes” path of the split. I hope that helps!

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hi @Dov  
Thanks so much for your quick reply. I see my screenshot didn't stick to my message, but indeed, the segment is also based on the same metrics as in your screenshot. 
We are not using static coupon codes but unique ones (with a prefix though), and we won't use static ones for any near future, so is there another way to tag these people that have used an unique code?

thank you! 


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Hi @Femy,

Thanks for your reply and the clarification.

The example screenshot I provided above would only apply if you were using a static coupon code. If you’re using a unique coupon code, you’d need to select each individual unique coupon code name in the segment (the same principle applies if you’re using a filter in the flow). For example if user X received coupon code 10WELCOMEWL346BJ4, the entire name of the coupon (including the suffix WL346BJ4) would need to be included in the segment definition or filter in the flow. You’d need to add in all additional unique coupon codes used 10WELCOMEKL45KX89, 10WELCOMEIJ67I873 etc. for all applicable coupons. This is the reason why you may want to consider using static coupon code to track these users.

I hope that helps clarify things.

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