Send transactional emails via Klaviyo and not Shopify

  • 4 October 2021
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Hi all,


I have Klaviyo for my Shopify store and have set-up an auto-email to shoot from klaviyo as soon as someone signs up for our newsletter. Now we want to go one step further and send all transactional emailers via Klaviyo (e.g. order confirmation, shipment dispatched, order delivered, refund processed etc.). We use ‘Recharge subscriptions’ for payments and subscription management & ‘Deliverr’ for Shipping. Currently while testing I see these emails are triggered directly by Shopify, which I don’t mind, but just wanted to check with the community if there is any benefit in moving even these emails to Klaviyo?





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5 replies

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Hello @Rishabh20,

Great question!

The decision to use Klaviyo to relay your transactional emails versus Shopify or your ecommerce platform is really up to you! From my experience some clients decide to use Klaviyo for their transactional emails to keep all outgoing emails under one roof as opposed to having to monitor two separate platforms. I would love to hear what some of our other Community member’s thoughts or feedback on this are as well!

I’ve also included some Community posts below which have proved helpful to other members pertaining to transactional emails:

I hope this helps!


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Hi I read this post 

 and it says Shopify transactional emails cannot be muted if we are not on Shopify plus and that the most we can do is export template from Klaviyo and insert in Shopify so it looks better than Shopify stock template. Is this understanding correct?


And in that case, will klaviyo get the data whether any trasactional email has gone to the customer or not? We ideally want to be able to go to a customer profile on klaviyo and see any emails that might have gone to them (by Klaviyo/Shopify/Recharge/ other app) - is this possible?

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Hey @Rishabh20,

Your understanding from what @alex.hong commented on in the Order confirmation overriding Shopify Community post is correct! Unless you were on the Shopify Plus plan, you would be unable to disable certain transactional emails sent from Shopify such as the order confirmation email. 

Because these emails are sent from a different platform, you would not be able to track these email interactions within Klaviyo. You would only be able to track emails within Klaviyo that are sent from Klaviyo, not ones from an external, third-party source such as the transactional emails sent from Shopify. 


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If we build the template for Shopify transactional emails in Klaviyo, then export the html to embed in Shopify notification emails, how do we add/include the automatic feed info. into the email, like products order, order summary, shipping details, etc.?

I’d like to make our Shopify notification emails match our style guide in Klaviyo, but need to make sure the necessary information generated by Shopify and Shipping Apps is included in the email I design in Klaviyo. 

Thanks in advance for any recommendation or links to answers. 

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Hello @Malachi McG,

By default the Shopify Notification templates provided within Klaviyo’s template library are already formatted and stylized with Shopify specific tags. These emails then would automatically reference any dynamic aspects pertaining to the order such as a product details and shipping information. 

However, if you wanted to add any additional details to these emails, I would recommend using Shopify’s Notification variables reference article to further edit these Shopify Notification emails. Keep in mind that because both Shopify and Klaviyo use different tags, when previewing the email within Klaviyo, those template tags would not render accordingly. Only when exported to Shopify would those tags be read accordingly and the email rendered. 

This is further explained in our How to Personalize and Export Shopify Notification Emails Help Center article under the Modify Template Variables & Preview Your Template subsection.