Sending an existing campaign to new subscribers

  • 11 November 2022
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We are running a series of emails for Black Friday via Campaigns. These are being created and sent weekly leading up to the event. 

Campaign 1 is a sign up email (sign up to get a sneak peek of our BF deals)

Campaign 2 is the first sneak peek 

Campaign 3 is the second sneak peek 

Campaign 4 is the third sneak peek 

Campaign 5 is announcing the sale is live 


We anticipate that we’ll be getting new subscribers throughout this period so how do we send these campaigns (2 - 4) to those new subscribers after the campaigns have been sent?


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2 replies

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What you can do is trigger them into a flow with these messages. The manual way to achieve it would be to just put all of those emails into a flow and then just turn each message Live after the actual campaign goes out. That way each new person entering gets each ‘sent’ message after they opt-in. 

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Hi @Jeanine,

Thanks for sharing this with the community and thanks @Spark Bridge Digital LLC for your awesome idea.

@Jeanine it sounds like you may be trying to target people with campaigns 2-4 who joined your list (via the sign-up email) after campaign 5 is sent? Is that what is meant by “new subscribers”? If I’m understanding that correctly, you can use a segment to target users who joined a list after a certain date. You can use this criteria to target new subscribers to your list based on the date the last campaign was sent out. For example say your 5th campaign went out today (11/16/2022) and you’re looking to target users who joined your list after that date (via the sign-up) you would use “and was added after 11/16/2022” in your segment definition. I suggest using a separate list for BFCM signups (via the signup email in the first campaign) to make it easier to target these folks in a segment.

You’ll also want to include criteria to exclude people who have already received a past campaign from the BFCM series (to prevent any potential overlap). You can include multiple campaign names if you use the “AND” separator between criteria i.e. received email zero times over all time where campaign name = X AND received email zero times over all time where campaign name = Y etc. That would look something like this:

For more information on “AND” criteria and segmentation, check out our article here.

Also, you can clone past campaigns and save them as templates. This will allow you to easily reuse past campaign email templates in future sends.

I hope that adds additional clarity.