Sending confirmation emails on orders with custom product options

  • 20 April 2021
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We have clients who allow for products to have custom add-ons added during checkout.  For example, jersey comes with no name or number on the back and customer selects to print a number as well as the player name on the back.  That’s a custom option that not every customer selects.

In klaviyo order confirmation email template, how can we be sure to show that using event parameters coming from Magento 2?  I’m looking at the preview and going through all the fields but I don’t see the custom event that holds this information.  Has anyone done something like this?  I know transactional emails are not the bread and butter of Klaviyo features but I’d love some input from anyone who’s done this, especially with Magento 2.

2 replies

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This is something I actually need to resolve outside of Klaviyo. My bad. 

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Hi @MikeH,

No problem at all. I appreciate you sharing the question, as it is something our customers have asked about in the past. 

Ultimately, Klaviyo is relying on the event data contained in the Magento 2 event to populate all line items (custom or not) in any given Klaviyo flow email using the principles described in our using event variables to personalized flows doc. You’ve taken the correct steps in terms of investigating, sifting through the event data for an event for this type of order to see if it was present in the Magento event.

I have converted this post into a general discussion because I am interested to have other community members chime in with their own experiences and examples, specifically for custom products. If you do find out a solution for this in Magento 2, please feel free to follow up in this thread, as I'm sure there are many other people who use Magento that might be interested in learning from you!