Sent an internal email but non of the users received it.

  • 27 March 2024
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I was asked to send an internal email for our design team ( and it didn’t send to a single person within our team and I wanted to know why.


I contacted support and they said it could be down to our inbox provider (outlook) or it being placed in “quarantine” but I’m sure it hasn’t been because I checked with our IT team. 


I just wanted to know why this internal campaign didn’t send and what are the next best step to get it to send. 


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4 replies

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@george12345245135124 perfect, thank you.

From what I can see, everything indeed checks out and you’ve been able to send your email, so the issue doesn’t seem to be with Klaviyo.

I’d say perhaps wait for the data to sync as sometimes there are issues, but if you’ve confirmed your team members haven’t received the email, then the issue must be with Outlook.

Since the emails were delivered, it does seem the most realistic option that they’ve been either quarantined or sent to spam - have your team checked their spam folders? 

To clarify, had the email not been delivered 100%, and if there were hard bounces etc, then this would suggest other issues, but because it shows as 100% delivered it must mean there’s something blocking the people from actually seeing the email, which is typically spam or quarantine.

Have you tried sending another email since? Maybe try a text-based email with a normal subject line and see if the issue happens again.

Happy to chat further!

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@george12345245135124 hey, thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

Let’s troubleshoot together!

I’m not able to open the link you sent as I don’t have access to your account, but would you mind sending across a screenshot of how you defined the internal team segment (or if it’s a list, send us a screenshot of the list), then send us a screenshot of the campaign report screen (which you tried to link here).

Those things should be enough for me to see if everything was set up correctly, and if not, to advise how to do it. If everything checks out, then we’ll look at the more technical details.

Hope that makes sense!

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Hey Stefan, 


Thank you for getting back to me! 


So yeah the it is a list and I imported them on March 22nd. 


Here is the report of the internal email. 



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Hi @george12345245135124,

An assumption - filters on your email servers are preventing spoofing. In short you're sending emails from your own domain to your own domain and your email servers are thinking these are from untrusted resources. 

What you can do is open one of these profiles in Klaviyo and go to the view messages section by clicking on the button above. Try resending messages from here while testing. 

I would also recommend sending a campaign to another email address that's not your internal domain.

Work with IT to solve this. 


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