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  • 4 October 2021
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Hi all,

We are sell subscriptions to kids activity boxes via our shopify store (something like lovevery). We have 12 boxes for kids in the 3-5 year age bracket (1 box for every 2 months).

I want to set up an email flow depending on the most recent product purchased by the customer. For e.g. if someone buys Product A, I want to send them a pre defined email every 2 weeks. Can someone help with this? Our subscription is designed to send them a new box every 2 months, hence between any 2 months people receive 4 emails from us (1 every 2 weeks).





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3 replies

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Hello @Rishabh20,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

The flow you are describe sounds very similar to what Klaviyo considered as replenishment flow. You can find out guide on how to build one out from the Creating a Replenishment Flow Help Center article. A replenishment flow is meant to nurture customers into repurchasing a replenishable product in set intervals. 

This sort of flow functions by targeting a specific product or category using flow filters to allow only those customers who purchased that product or from that category to be entered into the flow. Next it strategically uses time delays to remind customers that it’s time to repurchase the product. One thing to also keep in mind is that when a customer does repurchase or their subscription renews, this would trigger a new Placed Order event which would cause the customer to trigger this flow all over again. Another filter for the flow as described in the guide would cause the customer to be skipped and removed from the flow instance they are in the flow and thus set the customer up for a new reminder with the most recent order.

Other articles that may be helpful in further understanding how to build this flow and how the flow functions are the following:

I hope this helps!


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Thanks for your suggestion on using the “replenishment flow” to achieve my request. However, when I try to create it I notice that not all my products are showing up in the drop down. Attaching screenshot of my Shopify product page & screenshot from Klaviyo.



You can see Klaviyo is missing products: The learning kit for 3 Years 10 Months, 4 Years…..4 Years 10 Months. Additionally, we have many variants within ‘The Learning Kit Pay Per Kit’ product - they don’t show up in the klaviyo drop-down. How do I trigger emails specific to those variants?

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Hey @Rishabh20,

You may notice some products missing from the dimension dropdown if these products have not yet been recorded as part of the event triggering your flows. You can only create segments and filters rules off of dimensions and variables that have already been recorded within Klaviyo. I’ve elaborated on this in several Community posts which I’ve included below: 

Similar to the suggestions I mentioned in these posts, to have your desired product available to create filters off of, I would suggest manually triggering the Placed Order event while ensuring your desired product is included the order. By completing an order while including the product you wish to target will record a Placed Order event associated with the desired product making it available in the filter dimensions. 

Have a great day!