Setting up flows to replace ReCharge Notifications

  • 18 April 2022
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I’m looking for assistance on how I set up flows to replace the notifications (i.e. your order is coming in 3 days, your credit card is expiring etc.). I’ve already successfully integrated Klaviyo and ReCharge, but can’t figure out how to set up the proper triggers.



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8 replies

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Hey @SherylBiesman 

Thank you for asking the Klaviyo Community for help! Glad to jump in.


It sounds like you are trying to create transactional flows, correct? Guide to Using Flows to Send Transactional Emails will walk you through setting up the flows and contacting Klaviyo Support to have the flows approved as transactional and not marketing. You will also want to use guide to personalizing flows with dynamic data to pull the correct data from Recharge into the flow.

Hope this helps get you on the right path!

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Thank you. It looks as if all of the values from ReCharge are not passed through to Klaviyo, so I can only set up a few flows for transactional subscription emails. Is this correct? 

I’m also interested in this same process as @SherylBiesman.

Has anyone else had success understanding the actual Flows for Recharge notifications which can be set up in Klaviyo? I would also like to move away from Recharge notifications and only use Klaviyo as well.

Understanding how to set up the triggers and definitions is not very clear based on the Recharge knowledge base or the Klaviyo knowledge base.

If anyone has any insight, please share. I’ve contacted both Recharge support and Klaviyo support on this and each pointed to the other’s support team for help. 😕

Thank you!


Why is this not easier? Wish there was a full-primer and template for this in Klaviyo. Recharge templates are awful.


Seconding Dustin and Dana here. The Klaviyo - Recharge integration seems to go part of the way in making it easy to migrate Recharge email notifications to Klaviyo, but it has some significant gaps.

I’m sure hundreds, if not thousands of businesses are trying to independently figure out clunky workarounds to those gaps. If instead you all (Klaviyo + Recharge) set up a definitive guide (and even better, pre-built templates with the best triggers / metrics / variables to use) for each Recharge notification, it would save tens of thousands of work hours (if not more) and much frustration.

Right now, for those gaps the documentation essentially leaves us on our own, with guidance with boils down to: “you’re going to have to figure it out on your own and custom build that with an experienced developer.”

I know you all can and will do a lot better than that! 

It feels like you did 90% of the work to make a great integration, but have just a final sprint to make it really work.

Thanks for reading!

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Hey @pawpawsaregreat 

Thanks for circling back on this topic! 

The integration with Recharge and Klaviyo is owned and managed by Recharge, not Klaviyo. While we do support what they built, we do not have the ability to change what they have created in terms of the integration or supporting resources found on the Racharge website. I will share your feedback with our product team to add to the many voices who would like to see a stronger integration put into place between Klaviyo and Recharge! I would also suggest going to Recharges support team to share your request with them as well since they manage this integration. 

Thank you again for being part of the community!



Thanks for the reply Stephen. I’ll give Recharge this feedback.


To provide some additional context- it is true that Recharge controls the integration, documentation, and data sent into Klaviyo. However, Recharge does not have the option to create these flows on customers behalf as many have requested at this time. That being said, that is something that both Recharge and Klaviyo are eager to change so please stay tuned. 


In the meantime I’d highly recommend visiting this page that has in-depth videos that walks through how to set up flows and messages in Klaviyo using the Recharge integration. 


Thank you for all this wonderful feedback that we will use to make this process much easier in the future.