Simple flow with one email not working - newbie here!

  • 5 October 2021
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I set up a simple flow based on a trigger list. There is only one email. Yesterday it worked fine, but today it’s not delivering. It is set to “Live”. I’m new at this. Oddly, the other flow I set up with a split with emails and is working fine. Hoping I’m just overtired and missing the obvious. Any ideas?


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2 replies

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Fixed! I ended up creating a clone of the original email and deleting the first. Works ok now.

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Hi @Victoria S!

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your questions here! Excited to have you and hope you can find what you need as you explore other areas of our site!

Great to hear that the problem ended up resolving itself! For those who may run into a similar error, I have provided some awesome links to check out as well for those who find similar troubles; the reasoning for the issue coming up can differ based on how the flow is set up and what info is or is not correctly added. Therefore, it might be hard to have a one-for-all solution here! That being said, here are some good links below!

Guide to Creating a List-Triggered Flow

How to Resend a Campaign to People Skipped by a List-Triggered Flow


Hope this helped and thanks again for being a part of the Community!