Subscribers are joining in the middle of my Birthday countdown flow - how do I avoid that?

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Hi :) 

I have created a Birthday countdown flow, that starts 2 weeks before a persons birthday. The first mail in the flow contains an early birthday discount. 1 week before a persons birthday, they will recieve an email that reminds them to use their birthday discount. 

The problem is I noticed a lot of the subscribers doesn’t receive the first email, but only the second email (the reminder). I guess it must be because, when they sign up and add their birthday there is already less the 2 weeks untill their birthday, which is why the first email is not sent to them? 

How do I avoid this problem? 



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Hey @ESR 

Welcome to the community! Happy to help with your birthday flow.

You are correct. that within any date triggered flow  Klaviyo will pull the profile into the flow and insert them at the appropriate point based on the timing established within the series. One possible work around would be to add a conditional split that will evaluate if they have received the first email in the flow or now. For example: 
















Once the conditional split is in place, you can clone the first email and place it in the “No” path so they receive your customers will still receive the first emails content.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Stephen :) 

That was a very good suggestion!  

Thank you so much for your helpfulness 😃

Kind Regards 

ESR / Julie