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  • 17 March 2022
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I am trying to something complicated with tagging flows and need some help.

So with a client that use Octane Ai quiz function and it has its own Quiz completed feed. Now the quiz completed feed brings in all quiz results and a list of recommended products. The issue i have is i can only use those recommended products with in the quiz feed and no where else.

What I want to be able to do is tag this recommend product as custom properties on the individual profiles.

When setting up the trigger split I can’t target that line in the trigger event.  I want to be able to target product all > 0: > Title and Product all> 1: > Title and Product all > 2: > title.

Is this even possible?


Thanks in advance



Best answer by alex.hong 21 March 2022, 19:43

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5 replies

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply and adding to the feature request. I will push Octane  a little harder to see if the can pass it custom properties as well in there feeds.


Thanks for the help



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Hi there @davemanson,

Thanks for posting your question to the Community!

It would depend on how far down the data is nested. Looking at this, it would seem like those under the "tags:" field may be too far down to be accessible.

Normally you should be able to pull this information through as a property, which this guide goes over. Once this information is associated with a Profile, you can create a Segment from that information and email the recipients accordingly.


Hope that helped,


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Thanks @alex.hong.

All the data I get through as custom properties it is just the recommended products that don’t come through. At the moment Octane can’t change this.

I was look at alternative ways of adding data to the profiles.

It would be great if we could tag based on further down the data nest form any events.


This 1 result email of the back of the Octane Quiz is now generating 3.5% of overall site revenue (GA last click not Klaviyo attribution). It would be massive if I could get the recommended products into newsletters or other flow emails. 

There are other advantages if we could get this to work as well.


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Hi there @davemanson,

Normally, it should be possible to segment off Octane AI quiz results in Klaviyo. When you are looking to segment based on form results, it is important to note that you will only be able to see options that have been populated on a Klaviyo Profile. For instances such as this, I recommend adding any custom properties to a test profile exactly as they will be brought in prior to a form bringing them in. This way you can set up the segment before you start to have your visitors submit the form. I also wanted to recommend you reach out to the Support team found at the top right in your account. This will give you more direct access and support catered to inside your account as we are limited on what we can view on the Community. Here are some additional documents regarding custom properties as well:
 About Custom Properties
Guide to Properties
Guide to Advanced Segmentation


If it comes down to a fact that we cannot segment for results that far nested, I will have it added as a feature request to our team so we can get more visibility on that area.


Thank you,


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Thanks @davemanson,

Apologies this might not be a smooth process but hopefully we can find a solution or at least a workaround.