Transactional email displaying order batches

  • 25 November 2022
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Hi I have built a transactional email flow - specifically an order confirmation. 

I originally built the email as standard with a table block pulling in the order data and then setting the row collection/alias for it to repeat based on the number of items within the placed order event data.

However, most customer orders split into multiple batches depending on stock location, availability, logistics etc. So we actually want to display this data within batches in the email. Please see images attached for example of how we want the email to look, and how the event data pulling through in batches 0, 1, 2 with all the data combined underneath.

Can someone explain to me, how I can achieve this? Or if this is even possible in Klaviyo? Would I need multiple table arrays? Also the headers (Delivery 1) would these need to be if/else statements in order to show/not show based on delivery batches within the event?



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Hi @jadebiscuit ,

Thanks for sharing this with the Community.

For this to work in Klaviyo, you would need to create multiple dynamic tables with event variables that sync to user’s purchase history in your emails. For example, you could use event data such as 

$ {{ event.extra.TotalTax }}${{ event.extra.TotalShipping }}${{ event|lookup:'$value' }}

if those are variables that you keep track within your array of data.

I think that this would be easier to achieve if you create a legacy form outside of Klaviyo and use that instead. If you would like assistance, please reach out to Support for native forms or find a Klaviyo Partner to collaborate with.