Use campaign subject in email content (or campaign ID or UTM_campaign)

  • 24 October 2023
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I’d like to use the campaign subject (or ID) dynamically.

The goal is to define a universal block displayed in the footer of all our emails. This block would ask a question to the reader: “how did you find this email?” (screenshot below)

The links set on each icon would collect the rating AND the campaign identifier.

Something like:{{ campaign_id }}

Obviously, I want to keep this block generic and I don’t want to manually edit each link for every new campaign. That’s why accessing the campaign ID, campaign subject or UTM campaign would solve the issue !

Is it possible?

I did not find anything in the knowledge base.


Thank you!


Example of such generic feedback block:



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Hey @pyo 

Welcome to the community and thank you for asking a great question.

Unfortunately this is currently not possible without amending each link to add UTM parameters for tracking. However you can automatically add UTM tracking to each campaign so you know where the clicks are coming from. Here is a guide on how to add UTM tracking to your campaigns.

I will share your feedback with our product team! Thanks again!

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your quick answer.

Is there a feature roadmap available somewhere so that we can track feature request implementations?

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Hey @pyo 

As Klaviyo is now a publicly traded company our feature roadmap is not available to the public. However I have marked this thread for an update if and when this feature is available.