welcome flow is not working

  • 6 January 2021
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i have setup welcome series flow according to instructions but it’s not working when we testify through subscription through our shopify store. any ideas?


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8 replies

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@ezerosi Hi,

By “not working” I assume that you mean “not triggering”. There are many possibilities why certain Flow will not trigger.

Several basic things for you to verify:
1. The correct list is connected to your signup forms.
2. People are entering the List after subscribing.
3. You’re using the correct List as a trigger for your Welcome Series Flow.
4. Your emails in the Welcome Series Flow are Live.

This is the very basic explanation of the subscribers’ journey from subscribing to receiving the Welcome Series email.

If you can share more information with us (screenshots of the Flow settings, the list, the signup form settings, or anything else you think it’s relevant) we’d be glad to help.


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Hi @ezerosi, following up on the items that @retention has mentioned, you’ll definitely want to make sure to go through those 4 basic steps.


1. The correct list is connected to your signup forms. (There are instructions on how to check the list connected in this article How to Integrate with Shopify in the section “Sync your Shopify Newsletter Subscribers to a Klaviyo list”)
2. People are entering the List after subscribing. (You can test this out by entering in your email address on the sign up form on your site and checking to see if they enter the list in the list and segment section)
3. You’re using the correct List as a trigger for your Welcome Series Flow. (This should help in understanding the list that is triggering the Welcome Series - Getting Started Handbook - Guide to Creating a Welcome Series)
4. Your emails in the Welcome Series Flow are Live.


One additional item I would add is to double check if your list is set to double opt in. Parts of this are covered in the Getting Started Handbook but if you want more information: Guide to the Double Opt in Process. This is important to keep in mind as somebody won’t be added to the list connected to your sign up form if the list is set to double opt in and they don’t confirm their subscription. 


I went ahead and entered in an email address in the footer section of the website and can confirm that the list is set to double opt in. I made sure to confirm my subscription and didn’t receive a Welcome Series email so this would indicate the list connected to that sign up form likely does not match the trigger for the Welcome Series. 


If you could retrace those steps and still find an issue, please let us know.


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@Paul S@ezerosi thanks for the checklist -- any additional ideas?

my welcome flow is not triggered.

I verifed:
1. The correct list is connected to the signup forms: I can see newsletter.
2. People are entering the List after subscribing: I can see a person subscribed yesterday after activating the flow
3. You’re using the correct List as a trigger for your Welcome Series Flow. I can see “has subscribed to newsletter”
4. Your emails in the Welcome Series Flow are Live: I can see the flow is lve

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Hey @chris141331,

Thanks for detailing those troubleshooting steps you’ve taken!
I would also recommend checking your flow email’s analytics to see if there were any reasons that this subscriber may have been skipped such as due to flow filters or smart sending. Emails can be skipped for a variety of reasons. You can see if the contact is skipped from the flow email by selecting the email in the flow, clicking View All Analytics (on the left hand side), navigating to the Recipient Activity tab, and then going into each of these activities; most notably the Skipped reasons and the Other’s tab. 

Looking into these areas should be able to provide you some good insights into if your contact was skipped from the flow for a specific reason. You can find a glossary of skip reasons and what they mean from the Understand the Skipped Reason for a Flow Message article.

Hope this helps!


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How can I add an existing profile to a list?

I would just add the profile to the newsletter list (quick add seems to create a new profle), since the customer seems to have fallen through the cracks.  Info on the customer klaviyo profile :

“There's no recent activity.”


on the lower right I can see though, that the customer subscribed yesterday

  • Information


    Custom Properties
    Accepts Marketing true
    Shopify Tags newsletter, prospect

    Profile Created June 1, 2021 at 8:13 a.m.

    Profile Updated June 1, 2021 at 1:39 p.m.

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Hey @chris141331,

You can add an existing contact/profile to a list manually by either using the quick add function, the copy and paste function, or through a .CSV. 

Using the quick add function would not create a new profile/contact so long as you are using the same email address of the existing contact/profile. 

I would recommend reviewing both the How to Add Subscribers to an Existing List and How to Create and Add Contacts to a New List articles for further information and instructions on how to add contacts to a list manually. 

From the information you’ve shared of the contact showing “no recent activities” and their information section; this not indicative that this contact had actually fully subscribed to a marketing list. Although the information tells us that the profile was created on June 1st, that would not be considered consent to join a list. Contacts who have consented to join a list would trigger the Subscribed to List metric. The Subscribed to List metric is triggered when a contact signs up from a form and consents to be added to a list.

As @Paul S had mentioned, if your list has double opt-in enabled, contacts would first need to confirm their subscription prior to triggering this event and be fully added to a list. Contacts who subscribe but do not confirm their subscription to the list would still have a profile created and synced within Klaviyo. However, since these contacts have not confirmed their subscription to the list, they would not be added to it and therefore not trigger any flows such as your welcome series flow. 

The “There’s no recent activity” message also simply just shows that the contact may not have taken any action or triggered any events to be synced to Klaviyo. 


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how do I get a pre-trigger-person into a flow?

  1. Peter subscribed
  2. the flow was set up and activated
  3. I want “Peter” to be in the flow

I could send a 1-recipient-campaign with the individual welcome discount. That’s what I did the last time. I hope to learn smarter alternatives.

thanks in advance


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Hey @chris141331,

If “Peter” had already subscribed and was on the list prior to the flow being set up and activated, to retroactively serve a flow to this user, you can use Klaviyo’s Back-populate  feature. Back-populate is a feature that allows you to retroactively add qualified recipients into a flow  that would have been queued in real-time had the flow existed earlier. You can learn more about this feature and how to use it from the following articles:

@dov.derin also has a great explanation of this in the below Community post: