What do you think of a feature to write notes?

  • 26 July 2022
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What do you think of a feature to write notes?

  • Notes for campaigns - why that campaign was sent, who approved it, who created it, who the campaign targeted, etc.
  • Notes for lists and segments - why you created on in the first place and other details
  • Notes for flows - more details around the thinking what was involved in creating it and revising it
  • Notes for templates - description about template content and design

If it’s there or will be launched…please let me know!

I can think of a hundred different reasons to use it.



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4 replies

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Hey @Sanket 

Thank you so much for a wonderful idea! I will roll this up to our product team for visibility. If there is any update on this in the future I will notify you on this thread. Thank you again!

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I whole heartedly agree with Sanket. Having the ability to make notes for future reference would be awesome.

I’m thinking about how to make notes in a flow and therefore have a related question:

For notes in a flow, I’m thinking about adding an email where it’s purpose is to contain notes for the flow. If I add an email to a flow and leave it set to “draft” with the flow and other emails in the flow set to “live”?

Would the flow simply skip the draft email and continue to the next live email in the flow (if there is another live email)? If yes, it seems I could use this method to make and keep notes about the flow inside the flow. If there is another suggestion I’m listening.


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Hey @GabeE 

This is a fantastic idea! You can definitely add an email and leave it in “draft” mode without it interrupting the flow. Leaving it in draft mode will skip the email completely and allow your customers to continue their journey through the flow. Thank you for sharing such a great idea! Hopefully @Sanket will be able to use this method too! 

Thank you again for a truly wonderful idea!

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Thank you, Team Klaviyo for introducing notes for A/B Tests in flow. I’m so looking forward to see the notes feature ubiquitous in Klaviyo in the coming months.