What does Open rate versus Click rate mean in a Campaign?

  • 18 May 2021
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Is it possible to get more detail on Open rate versus Click rate in a Campaign?  I would like ensure my assumption of the metric aligns with the Klayvio intended funtionality.




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Hey @gailfriend7272! I’d be happy to help. We have an Analytics Glossary that defines the analytics terms used across Klaviyo. Here’s what it has to say about open and click rates: 

Click rate: the percentage of people who clicked a link in your message out of the people received it.

Open rate: the rate at which your customers open your emails (the number of individuals opening your email divided by the number of recipients).


I hope this helps! 


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Given the answers above and reviewing the glossary, why would a recipient be counted against a Click rate with no associated Open rate?


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Hello @gailfriend7272,

Klaviyo is able to track an Opened Email event when Klaviyo’s tracking pixel is read when a recipient loads the email. Similarly, Klaviyo is able to track a Clicked Email event when Klaviyo’s click tracking URL wrapper is loaded. You may experience recipients who have have triggered a Clicked Email event but did not record an Opened Email event for several reasons.

First of which is if your emails were clipping. Emails clipping typically occur if your email size surpasses 102kb, at which point Gmail will clip your email, thus causing the entirely of the email to not load fully when viewed. Because Klaviyo’s tracking pixel is housed at the bottom of your emails, when emails are clipped, the tracking pixel is not loaded; thus not triggering an Opened email event. Since the click tracking wrapper is on the URL of the content of your emails, recipient’s whose emails are clipped would still be able to click on the content and record a Clicked email event. You can learn more about this from the Why Is My Email Being Clipped? article as well as from the below Community post which touches on this subject further. 

Second, similar to the first scenario where the Klaviyo tracking pixel was omitted, this can be caused by certain inbox providers and their filters. Certain custom network and inbox filters will read the HTML of the emails being sent to their recipients and click through and load each of the links in the email to verify the authenticity of the email. When this happens, the open email pixel is not actually loaded. However, since the content and links within the email are being reviewed and loaded, the Klaviyo click tracking wrapper is triggered causing a Clicked Email event to occur without the Opened Email event triggering.

Hope this helps! Have a great day!


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Very helpful...thank you!