What does "ordered product where tags contains on-demand" mean in a conditional split?

  • 7 April 2021
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I have created a Flow " Customer Thank You - New vs Returning. I inserted a conditional split that says" Has ordered product where tags contains "on-demand" once over all time.

It means that he purchased a product that is currently holding this tag or that he has purchased a product that had/has this tag "on-demand"?


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Hi @jorgehostalet 


Thanks for writing in to the community!


To set this up, I would definitely suggest using a trigger filter or trigger split so that the logic is based on the event that triggered the flow. For example, if the flow is triggered off of “Placed Order” or “Ordered Product” and you are looking separate out “on-demand”, the trigger split or filter is based off of that specific order that started the flow. 


Flow filters are not based on the specific metric that triggered that flow email, rather they look at all possible events that fit the criteria of the filter. For example, you could set up a flow filter that says some one has “placed an order (add filter for on demand product) at least once over all time. This would look at all the person’s orders and if they have ever placed an on-demand order they would meet the criteria.


I hope this helps!