What is the best time of day to schedule ecommerce emails? What has worked for you?

  • 4 April 2022
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Hi! I am just wondering what has worked well for everyone in terms of scheduling emails, what time and frequency. I am currently sending out to a new list 5 times per week, (4 business days and a weekend day) and schedule at either 12:15 PM EST or 4:15 PM EST. 8:15 AM EST on the weekend.


What works for you?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @jasonbucci,

Thanks for sharing this with us!

There are no “hard and fast” time-of-day rules for sending out emails to garner the highest engagement. Every audience and business is unique in its own way and the best way to discover what’s best for your audience is to test various sending times to see what works for you. Luckily, there are a number of ways to achieve this using Klaviyo.

For one, Klaviyo has a feature called Smart Send Time. This feature scatters send time over the course of a 24 hour “exploratory” period. It will then run a data analysis to determine the best send time for your recipients. We offer the ability to run smart send time tests for campaigns with over 12,000 recipients. We have a dedicated guide on analyzing smart send time results here as well.

If you do not send campaigns to more than 12,000 profiles, users often experiment by running A/B tests to determine optimized send time. As your list grows, you can later transition to smart send time if you wish. You can find the specific section on A/B testing with respect to send time here.

Here’s some more information on analyzing campaign A/B tests specifically:

A/B testing is also available for Klaviyo flows

In terms of frequency, we recommend creating a sending schedule according to engagement. This will allow you to adjust sending depending on the levels of engagement you’re receiving from your audience. It’s important to align timing and cadence with engagement. You may also find value in taking our course on developing a content calendar. Lastly, consider allowing your subscribers to choose how often they hear from you! We have a full guide here explaining how to get frequency segments set up. You may also find value in creating customer engagement tiers to help identify the engagement level of your audience. 

I hope that information is a good start for you!