What's the best way to implement a highly segmented Post Purchase/Winback flow strategy?

  • 5 March 2021
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I would like to set up a Post Purchase flow for 12 different groups of customers. I have 4 general groups of shoppers that each need to receive 5 different emails within a Post purchase flow. Each one of the 4 groups must also have 3 different time delays for the emails depending on location (USA, Canada & International) due to varied delivery times. 

This will result in 12 Post Purchase flows. I would also like to deploy the same strategy for our Winback flows. This seems like a very large amount of flows! Yet segmenting to this extend within a lesser amount of flows (considering we would additionally like to trigger split based one whether on not these customers have purchased before) seems just as complicated.

All the examples out there are too simplified to help. If anyone can provide some feedback or insights on the best strategy it would be greatly appreciated!

2 replies

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Hi @aliciasyro , you should be able to add the time delays for each region directly in the flows using conditional statements.. you can then use the exact same emails for all contacts for each segment, and not have to create so many flows..


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Hey @Travis thank you very much for your reply! This strategy does sound good. I can do this for the flows were the emails are the same.

Then I would just have 4 Post Purchase flows, each one based on a specific segment of shoppers as their email content will differ. I have 5 emails in this flow which is why I worry about adding too many splits.

I assume for this to work, I will need to segment at the flow entry with a trigger filter to include the category of shoppers I am targeting, as well as exclude people who purchased from other categories in order to ensure they only enter the correct flow. Does that make sense?