Why 10000 emailed were Skipped Due to Fails Filter Flow?

  • 9 November 2022
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Recently I was in Klaviyo and noticed that 10 segments and about 10000 emails was skipped but the other 30 sugments were delivered. I did a lot of digging to see that most of the skips came from failing flow filters. Some information shows that some emailed were skipped was a good thing. But 10000 emails were skipped and not delivered. It was a huge loss for me. I watched a lot of videos and information and still didn't know the exact answer. Below I put some photos of my problem, what can I do?Thanks in advance for any input or comments. 



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2 replies

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Hi @Edith Crawley 

Thats for posting your question in the community. 

The “Failed Flow Filter” is based on the filter you have set on the Checkout Started trigger of your flow. This filter applies to a contact at any time during the flow. Meaning someone could be in the flow for the first 8 hours and if the condition set in that flow filter are met by a contact, they will be automatically removed from the flow. 


I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

@In the Inbox 

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Hi @Edith Crawley


@In the Inbox gave some great insight here! The second message was skipped in your flow because it seems that a user took an action after they received the first email, aka they probably started checkout or placed an order. So this in case is a good thing! 


However, I did see that users were skipped in your campaign sends due to suspicious email. I’d recommend reviewing this article to understand more about why some emails would be marked as suspicious


Hope that helps!