Why is my welcome flow is not sending emails?

  • 11 July 2022
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Hi everyone,

I’m a new Klaviyo user and just set up my first flow to send out Welcome emails to the new users of my product. I have followed all of the steps from what Klaviyo has outlined but for some reason my emails are not sending to the recipients. The trigger I have is when someone joins my New Subscribers segment. The New Subscribers segment definition is if the person is in my list called “Test Users”. I currently have 3 people in that list and they are showing up on my New Subscribers segment but for some reason the trigger is not working and emails are not being sent out. Please help!!! I’ve attached screen shots of what I’m seeing.






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6 replies

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Hi there,
First I would suggest to use the list as a trigger instead of using a segment.

To do so, you have to duplicate this flow and change the trigger option.

Then, make sure that the Welcome Series, Email #1 is live and not in draft mode.

I hope this was helpful ! 

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I am having the same issue. I have yet to launch therefore I set the trigger to all who have subscribed overall time. I am not sure what I need to do now.


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Hi @jond008


It is typically best practice to connect your Welcome Flow to a List vs. a segment and @Tomb gave some great advice here on how to change that! However, I’d like to explain the reasoning behind this little more. When you connect your Flow to a List, once the uses takes the trigger action, aka signs up for the list, they are immediately queued and pushed into the Flow. However, when you create, edit, or update a segment, your segment members will not be queued by default. Only users who join the segment after the flow is created with be pushed into the flow. This ensures if you make a mistake with your definition or don't immediately want all members of a segment to enter a flow, you don't have to worry. If you do want to push all members of a segment into a connected flow (those who were already in the segment before you created the flow), you will need to back-populate the flow


I’d check out these topics to gain more insight on this! 



Hi @Sintia L., there could be many reasons why the users in your list aren’t going through your flow. First, if you have profiles who subscribed before the flow was created, they won’t be pushed through the flow unless you back-populate your flow. I would suggest reading the resources above to understand the feature more.


However, if there are people who are new subscribers who signed up to your List after you flow was created, and yet still aren’t there, it’s probably related to the Flow filter you’ve added to your Flow. I’d suggest checking out our subscribed to list metric documentation to understand this feature more as it is only added for certain profiles and isn’t considered best practice to use as a filter. 


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Thank you! I had to do the Backflow since my subscribers had registered before I activated the flow :)



I’ve tried everything suggested above and my email is still not sending after the 1 hour marker. I brought in my list from shopify, I also exported and created a separate list within Klaviyo and nothing. To make matters worse the trigger preview only shows 10 people out of the 62 currently there. The same is happening with SMS.

As the other person above, I will be dealing with people at the booth and need to set up this list for immediate email for codes, she was mentioning with the correct triggers. Please answer with steps on how to resolve both questions :

1. why is my email not sending, and yes it does not have double opt in set up, the 2 hours have passed. 2. What’s the deal with the SMS not sending, and or populating, where are all the subscribers 17 of the 62 should be on this list.

I’ve been working on this for 2.5 days with no resolution, and is very frustrating. 

I also have an event where they are asking for everyone to use the same code orange2022 and on my end I determine the offer, how do I set this up so the person signing up does not get a series generated code? I know I can do this on shopify but if they sign up prior to placing the order what happens?



Also, I can’t back populate because I have an offer (this is the error I keep getting). This makes no sense if the whole point of a welcome series is to offer a discount code!!!