I need advice on integrating WooCommerce shipment Tracking information

  • 5 August 2022
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Nine months ago another member asked this question and got a “we don’t take this information in klaviyo from WooCommerce”. That was nine months ago.

So here are a few questions that I would appriciate answers to;

  • Would it be so hard for Klaviyo to provide this ‘out of the box’?
  • Is there a commercial or technical reason that the tracking number is not available in Klaviyo?
  • Is there a justifiable reason why it took me nearly two weeks of searching the Klaviyo website, community and tech support to find out what MUST be common knowledge?
  • Why does Klaviyo recommend using paid for (monthly!) platforms AfterShip or ShopWired to enable the passing of this data to Klaviyo, when the information is already in WooCommerce?

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4 replies

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Hi @Eamonn,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

 My colleague @David To recently replied to your post addressing the topic below:

Please have a look there for an update on this. Thanks for being a community member.

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Hi Dov, 


Your answer to my question above is inexplicable. Did you actually read my post?


Your suggestion is that I read the very same community answer that I quoted ​!


Can you please please reread my post and, if possible, answer the questions that I have asked? 

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Hi @Eamonn,

Thanks for your follow-up reply.

I did read your post and I intentionally linked you back to your original post because my colleague had replied to your follow-up questions in that same thread. This was the reason why I re-directed you back to that thread. Beyond his reply, I do not have any further information to communicate on the topic. I hope that helps clear things up.

Thanks for being a community member.

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Or in other words, Klaviyo cannot ingest tracking data from woocommerce…….


Given the total run around that I have got from Klaviyo on the matter of tracking numbers I probably will not be a ‘community member’ much longer, never mind a paying customer.