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  • 9 June 2023
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My Shopify product page is setup to capture some basic user info (email, date, type) using 3 formfill fields on the page. After the users submits this data, they are shown the product price and add to cart button. Many bounce off at this stage.

I got some outside help me capture the email IDs being submitted in this form and not placing an order and to get them in a flow on Klaviyo. I want to retarget these leads using email marketing and want to include a link to “continue shopping” in the newsletter. This “continue shopping” button should take them to the page that comes after the formfill (i.e. the page where they see the price and add to cart button)

Can someone provide insight into how I can do this?


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Hi @EMN Health


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So to be clear this isn’t a Klaviyo form, but a Shopify form capturing this information? Are you using any specific Shopify tags that are added to your users’ profiles to let you know what product they viewed or which specific product page they were on? If not, how do you know which profiles were on which product page?


For instance, this would be easy to do with a Klaviyo form in the future as you can add a hidden property for each form to submit the url that a user is on when they fulfilled the form. This information will be attached to their profile as a property and you can then create segments of users who have each product pages URL property but did not place an order in the last x amount of days. Then you would create different campaigns to send to each segment with a button or link in each campaign with the URL of the product page they abandoned. This is mentioned further in a similar thread below.


Finally, do you mind sharing why users have to submit their information before they see the product price and add to cart button? 


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