Auto-Applying Coupons that are shown as Custom Properties?

  • 14 October 2021
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Hi there,

We’re currently working on a flow that begins with a Justuno modal. When a customer completes the modal, they receive a coupon code via email that’s triggered by being added to a list in Klaviyo but this coupon code comes in as a custom property requiring the {{ person | lookup: ‘Referral_Code’ }} variable syntax. 

We would like to auto-apply this coupon to a customer’s cart upon clicking the “shop now” button in the email that follows the completion of the form - is there a way to do this? The code technically comes from Shopify as a dynamic code.


Also for context - we are using a Justuno pop-up instead of a Klaviyo form because of Justuno’s ability to auto-display codes in a user’s session. I know Klaviyo would be an easy set-up for us, but Justuno’s auto-display feature allows for a seamless customer journey.



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3 replies

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Hi @Kelly,

Thank you for sharing this question with our Klaviyo community.

I recommend replicating the format we describe in our help center documentation on applying a coupon code at checkout. The format looks like the following:

I would try updating “” with your website and replace “your_code” with the person look-up tag: {{ person | lookup: ‘Referral_Code’ }}.{{ person|lookup:‘Referral_Code’ }}

Alternatively, you can try to use{{ person|lookup:‘Referral_Code’ }

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Sorry to piggyback onto this but I need to do the same and don’t fully follow the reply. So we have created a pop up in OptiMonk and when the data is imported to Klaviyo, we have a custom property called coupon_code and that would be the unique code created. 


I’m not a developer so I don;t really follow /{{ person|lookup:‘Referral_Code’ } 


Please help!

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Hey there @Tootsweets ,

The {{ person|lookup:‘Referral_Code’ }  is the dynamic tag utilized to pull in custom profile properties from a user into somewhere else in Klaviyo. This would be altered based on how your data is coming in for the coupon codes and how the custom property is stored within a profile. Related article here.