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  • 29 April 2022
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I have my welcome flow emails setup so that the discount is automatic when they click on the CTA button.

However, the setup for this takes them to my shopify website homepage. I would rather send them to the collections page of my website where all my products are listed. But when I edit the discount button link with this change, it doesn't work. Instead of going to the collections page it goes to a an error 404 page.

Is it possible for an automatic discount link to go to any page of my website? Or must it link only to my homepage?

Thank you!


Best answer by Manny Singh 3 May 2022, 22:17

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Click on edit the CTA button under URL change the destination


I hope these helps 

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Hi @Deborah ,


Would you be able to provide the link you are using? I can take a look at what's happening.  If you don't want your discount link public, please DM me :)



Hi @Mailbox Manny,


Thanks so much. I’ll DM you now. 


Thank you!

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Hey @Deborah 

Thank you so much for asking the Klaviyo Community for help with this! @Mailbox Manny is an incredible partner and I’m sure you will have success! Manny, can you share on this thread how you helped fix this so everyone can learn from this? Thank you so much!

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So, Deborah’s store is on Shopify and she was using the shareable link from Shopify with the dynamic coupon code from Klaviyo.


Example:{% coupon_code 'Welcome_Coupon' %}


The above link will go to the homepage. To have this dynamic coupon code go to another page, the format would be the following (see bold for addition.  In this example, it’s going to a collection page called Sweaters. Note that we use %2F in the URL to represent the /):{% coupon_code 'Welcome_Coupon' %}?redirect=%2Fcollections%2Fsweaters