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  • 10 November 2021
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Hi! We’re currently working on re-vamping our referral program and would like to add a button to an email with a “copy to clipboard” CTA that will automatically copy the url we assign to the button to the users clipboard which they would then be able to share with friends and family. 

Any chance this is possible in the template editor? We have other similar variable syntax (apply coupon to cart, etc.) but I can’t find any articles on this use case.


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4 replies

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Hey @Kelly 

Thank you so much for coming to the Klaviyo Community with this idea! It would be really great way to make it easier for your customers to revisit your site! At this time, Klaviyo does not have anything native to our integrations to add a link to someone’s clipboard or bookmarks. There may be some custom coding that could do this, but you would need to work with a developer or your IT team to build it. I am adding this idea to our product board for possible evaluation. If there is ever an update on this, I will share that news with you here in this thread!

Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community.

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Hi @stephen.trumble

I’m also looking to have this feature in our CTA buttons where we are offering a coupon code and stumbled across this post. If we are able to add custom coding behind the Klaviyo CTA buttons to achieve this, where/how do we access that as I can’t seem to see any options in the settings? 

Also is this feature being developed? I feel with Klaviyo being an e-commerce lead emailing client, this feature is a big miss on Klaviyo’s behalf. 

Thanks! Michael

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Hey @MNgo 

Sorry for the delay in response, but happy to help answer your questions! 

You can add a static coupon code in your success message after your customers have submitted your CTA. In your signup form template, if you choose the success message you can add the static coupon code there. If you want to use unique coupon codes, it will need to be added to an email template that is triggered by the list your signup form is directed too as our signup form success message does not allow for unique coupon codes to be used. 

As far as adding your website to someone’s bookmarks or clipboard, there is no update at this time on if or when this functionality will be available. If there is an update, I will share it in this post.

Thank you!


Is this feature released already?