Custom Integration for Coupon Codes

  • 6 January 2023
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It seems there are coupon integrations for (at least) Shopify and Magento, but I can’t find any information either on the new or old APIs on how to do this for a custom integration.

Best case would be I’m just failing to find the right docs, and someone can point me at how to do this.

If, however, that doesn’t exist, then I may be able to use the “manual upload” of coupon code methods; however, it’s not clear how this works under the covers.

We’re already generating codes, which are generally referral codes on a per-customer basis. So, we could easily export these, however, it’s not clear from the upload docs how we would go about assigning them to specific customers.

Here’s an example workflow:

  1. Customer visits our website and registers for our contest
  2. We generate a unique code for that customer:contest, which they can use to earn extra chances to win when they share the contest via social media or email or whatnot
  3. We email them with their unique referral code, that they can share, and also with a unique link to their contest page, where they can see their progress

Ideally, we’d like step 3 to be part of a Klaviyo flow, so we can send them reminders about the contest, and updates on their status.

What’s the best way to integrate the custom code and unique url into the Klaviyo flow?


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Hi @ChrisR ,

Welcome to the Community.

It should still work with a custom integration. You can try this HC guide: Add Link that Automatically Applies a Coupon Code to a Shopify Cart. Even though the guide says Shopify, it should work with other integrations.

The easiest (but still manual) method would be to upload coupons into Klaviyo which can then be pulled as needed when customers enter the contest flow. Documentation available on how to import coupons using the Uploaded Coupons feature here: How to Use Coupon Codes in Klaviyo. This method will require replenishing the coupon codes periodically.

Alternatively, it's possible to update a profile with a custom property which will contain the coupon code. This can then be utilized in the flow. This will require some development to submit the coupon code as a custom property on the profile that has signed up via Klaviyo's API. With the customer's email address you can utilize either the server-side Identify endpoint - or the client-side Identify endpoint -


Let me know if that helps,