Images duplicating when email is forwarded

  • 7 September 2022
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When I forward my email it duplicates the header and the signature image block. We are using the image block as suggested and it is still not working. Can you assist?


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4 replies

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Hi there @BirthsmarterLauren,
Welcome to the Community.

I think to begin troubleshooting, I would recommend checking out this community thread and looking at the solutions offered there:


Let me know if that helped,


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Thank you -- I did see this earlier and as I mentioned I followed the advice and it is still not working. Can you assist?

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Hey @BirthsmarterLauren,

Just to chime in here, it’s actually pretty common for images to get duplicated when being forwarded as forwarding emails is known to cause rendering issues. In case you may have missed the resources I previously shared in the Community post above, I’ve re-shared them again below:

Forwarding emails is known to break the formats of your emails and in many cases cause duplication of the elements within your emails. This is ultimately caused by how the inbox providers are rereading and rendering the HTML code of these forwarded emails as detailed in the blog articles below. 

Overall, this behavior and experience is just something you’ll want to keep in mind and be aware of and isn’t something you can entirely control. One method I’ve seen in alleviating this behavior’s impact is including a web view link at the top of your emails. This way even when elements of the email are duplicated or become distorted after being forwarded, users can still access the web view link to see how the email is supposed to render as. 

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@BirthsmarterLauren not sure if you ended up solving this issue but I'll reply here anyway in case others experience the same.


one thing I know about this issue is that this mainly happens if you have separate mobile and separate desktop versions of your email. Meaning that you use the show on Desktop/Mobile option in Klaviyo (seen below) and create 2 versions, one for mobile one for desktop.


When you forward all the HTML/CSS rules get overruled by i.e. Gmail and don't work anymore which then exposes both versions. We are not using this anymore because of this issue.


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