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  • 20 August 2021
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Hi all, 

I have set up an order confirmation email response for one of our products and have made it live. 

However, when someone purchases this product then they are still sent the  standard shopify confirmation email. 

How do i override the shopify emails? Do i need to switch them off or change a setting? 




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4 replies

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Hi @ben124 ,


Hope to provide some clarity on this and thanks for posting to the Community!

If you are using Shopify Plus you can deactivate the notification email in Shopify. If you are using base Shopify the notification email cannot be turned off so sending an order confirmation through Klaviyo would send a duplicate notification. 

An alternative for the above case would be to send your Klaviyo template just on Shopify. In order to begin sending the template created in Klaviyo from Shopify, you'll need to first export your template from Klaviyo, and then import it into Shopify in place of the default email.  This article provides detailed instructions on how you can do that: Personalize and Export Shopify Notification Emails.


Let me know if you have further questions!


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Hi Alex, thank you, that is very helpful, Ben

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No problem @ben124 ! Glad to hear it was helpful. Have a good rest of your day!


Problem being you cannot actually shut it off in Plus - you need their Support to do it...