Previously deleted section appears in preview but not in live editor

  • 13 September 2022
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When in the editor, my email looks exactly how it’s supposed to, but when I go to preview and send an extra section which I have previously deleted is showing on mobile. I can’t find anything in the editor that would indicate this section is still there. 

To reiterate, when I’m in the editor the block is not there on desktop or mobile. I’ve double checked the visibility on all blocks. It only shows up in preview and send.

Multiple members of my team have encountered this error with no explanation or solution.


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6 replies

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Hi @kxe4,

That's very frustrating to say the least.

Most probably this has to do with the option to switch on/off blocks on mobile or desktop.

Partly because of this we have banned using this option and mainly work on getting emails to look good on both mobile and desktop without using that option. People either just forget about it which leads to issues or when pressing forward and all styling is removed in some email clients you sometimes get both the blocks appearing which is even worse.


I hope this is the issue, I would suggest selecting the mobile preview / builder in the editor and see if that block is displayed there. If it's not then it's a hidden block that only through hacking the system using the browser developer tools you'd be able to uncover… Please let me know if the first solution works.



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Hi @kxe4


Yes, @Omar hits the nail on the head! In my experience, users experience this issue because the individual styling of the block is set to ‘mobile’ and it’s missed. You can read more about this in our help center documentation


However, if cannot still find the culprit, I would suggest saving the blocks you want displayed in your template and creating a net-new template and testing it again.


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@Taylor Tarpley @Omar Thanks for your replies but that is not the issue. It is not showing unless I go to preview and it is a section that I previously deleted. It does not show in the editor on mobile or desktop. It only shows on mobile in preview and when it arrives in the inbox.

There is no way I can view it in the editor as it is not visible anywhere.

Unfortunately I had to redo the email by saving the sections and moving them to a new template. This isn’t the first time it has happened to us! It’s a newer issue we’ve been experiencing in the last few weeks.

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Hi @kxe4


Very sorry for misunderstanding!


If this has happened repeatedly, I would reach out to our Support team and let them know if this issue so they can investigate this further!



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@Taylor Tarpley No it’s ok! It’s hard to describe what’s happening via words! :) Next time I’ll have to take screenshots.