Setting Up A Forward To A Friend Link [or Button]

  • 20 November 2020
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Rather new to Klaviyo and am trying to find a solution to adding a Forward to a Friend link or button at the bottom of our emails. Some platforms have widgets or block with this functionality built in, but Klaviyo does not appear to, and I have had no luck finding a solution to this in the Help Docs. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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14 replies

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Hi there,

At this time Klaviyo does not have a Forward to Friend link/button. Recipients would just need to forward the email using their email provider's normal function to do so.



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One possible workaround if you have the technical resources is you can have a link or button that passes the “Web View” link to a page on your site.  From there, you can use the Web View link as a parameter to push into some kind of “share tool” or function which then can be sent to the user’s specified friends/family email address(es) or social sharing tool.  

But, I agree with @mike.hoang - most people will simply “Forward the Email” - so perhaps try a prompt or message to see if you can encourage that behavior.



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@bbigda a poor mans solution can be to create a text only version of what you want to share.

Or have it coded up in HTML and then create a link on a button with or text. Example below.

<a href="mailto:enter@forward.address?subject=this%20is%20the%20subject&body=The%20text%20version%20of%20this%20email%20is%20entered%20here.%0A%0AGreetings%0A%0AOmar">Forward to a Friend</a>

@retention's solution seems the best though.

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I was searching this forum to find out more about the “web view” link in the emails…


In Mailchimp, they generate a custom URL for each campaign that works even in testing mode before the email goes out - which is preferable. Klaviyo doesn’t have that option. As a designer / developer, I’d like to be able to collect links to all of my email campaigns for portfolio, for marketing purposes and even for reporting that work without having to manually forward an email. 

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What is the ETA for adding ‘forward to a friend’ or a simple link to the web version of the email hosted on Klaviyo?

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Thanks @retention and @Omar for brainstorming some great solutions to this topic!

@jensdes and @dennis1and1life, currently we do not have a timeline on when our Product Team implements new features due to the many great feedback and improvements to the Klaviyo platform we receive from our clients. I’ll certainly be sure to pass this recommendation to our Product Team! 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Any update on this??? We would love to place a button at the bottom of our email campaigns so people could just one-click and forward the email to a friend. 

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We would also love to see this feature come to fruition- I manage multiple Klaviyo accounts and every one of my clients is frustrated that this feature still doesn’t exist.

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Hey @teawithtae @kwilliams  and others!

At this time, we cannot give an exact ETA for this feature to be public onto our product. But to clarify, there is indeed a product feature request out there in regards to this post!

In the meantime, I would go over past answers submitted by @retention as I believe that is a great thought process and strategy there already.

Thank you for your patience :)

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I would like to add here that this would be so useful for getting recipients to share certain assets of an email on social media. For example if we are having a sale, it would be great for customers to be able to share the sale banner direct to facebook from the email.

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Hi, any update on when we will get this feature? Its been 1 year since it was first raised… 

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Hi @KimSaxton,

Thanks for reaching out regarding this.

Unfortunately, this feature is still in development with our Product team. My hunch is that Klaviyo does not support/offer any forward to a friend button functionality still due to how it impacts email design. A major reason is that once emails are forwarded, the HTML of the email is rendered twice, often causing style/content errors.

That is not something we are able to avoid at this time, as it is an industry standard. Please see this doc for more information.




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Another bump for this feature.


Can it be such a big piec eof development work to add a forward to friend link?




While Mailchimp has a variable to the “Forward to a Friend” link, you can generate a similar solution using Klaviyo’s {% web_view_link %} variable. Here’s how the composed email will look like once the forward link is clicked.


<a target="_blank" href="mailto:?{% web_view_link %}.%0A%0ACheers">Share the love. Forward this email to a friend</a>