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Hello all,


My name is Larry and I’m passionate about photography and coffee. This year I agreed to leave my job in TV post production to work for my wife’s business deborahwildebooks.com where I’m supposed to be the Man Friday and “Marketing Manager”. 

So after building and launching the Shopify store in Jan 2023, i’m on the steep learning curve of Marketing and trying not to lose my footing.  I fear that I have just enough knowledge to get myself in trouble but not enough to now how exactly. Especially where services like Klaviyo and Shopify converge.

I love the fact that my wife and I can work from anywhere and are testing this theory with a working vacation to Italy soon. If I can help keep the company growing then this will be the “retirement” plan.

Now I have to learn where to find these answers…..


Great Larry best of luck and if you need any help i will gladly provide.


Hello Klaviyos.

My name is Burhaan Pattel. I am born in South Africa but have been living in Thailand for the last 8 years.

I’m most passionate about entrepreneurship, or personal development as it relates to becoming successful. 

I co-own a digital marketing agency called Bridgeight. We have evolved over the years to working with ecommerce brands in the fashion industry.

I love meeting new and interesting people through my business. We get to solve one of the most challenging areas of a businesses existence, growth, and to be a part of making that happen for our clients is a major source of joy and accomplishment.

I look forward to connecting with you.