App for whatsapp broadcast with Klaviyo Integration

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I'm from Brazil and whatsapp is used by most of cell phones users here and I would like to include it as part of my communication strategy. 

I use Shopify and Klaviyo. 

Do you know which apps I could use for whatsapp broadcast messaging? 


Thank you!



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Hello @amai,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

At present Klaviyo doesn’t have a direct integration with WhatsApp. Though, I would believe there may be some limitations on this based on various regulations such as CTIA, TCPA, CWTA, GDPR, and many others depending on what your goal was. 

I too would be curious to learn if other Community members have found a method to connect WhatsApp to Klaviyo. Would love to learn more surrounding how members are using these two apps in tandem and what success they’ve found through using the two together. 


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There are various (support) tools out there that support multiple sources/channels, maybe integrating them or zapier could be something to test out? Whatsapp also has an API apparently not sure how you'd be able to leverage this.


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Would be great if Klaviyo would look at having a direct connection. My company is also in LATAM and many of our customers prefer Whatsapp over text/email/ the website

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I’ll definitely forward this request to our Product Team as I agree this could be a useful feature!



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I do a lot of work with Klaviyo & Whatsapp 
If you need help, let me know 

I mainly work with Webhooks 

The most common flows are Welcome, different types of abandonments, VIP, Upsell.

We see insanely good results combining Klaviyo & Whatsapp together.


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What tool do you use to connect the system as Klaviyo doesnt have Whatsapp capabilities?



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What tool do you use to connect the system as Klaviyo doesnt have Whatsapp capabilities?



I use for connecting and i mainly use Sendpulse as the Whatsapp bot + sending platform.

Hope it helps 




Hey all, sorry if I am a bit late. But we are providing that exactly with our Tool at if you want to take a look. (Also Official Klaviyo Partner)

Zapiet is a versatile app that integrates with both Shopify and Klaviyo. While its primary function is related to order pickup and delivery, it can be configured to send order updates and notifications through WhatsApp same as happened here. 

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I am based in Indonesia and the predominate messaging platform is WhatsApp.

Of course this would be incredible if integrated into Klaviyo.

We use Zapier on Shopify but not looked to use it with Klaviyo. Would be super interested to know any experiences people have had with that process and Pros / cons, but also real alternatives to it.