Back In Stock & the Shopify Dawn 2.0 Theme

  • 15 March 2023
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Is there really no way at all to utilize the Notify When Back in Stock functionality on a Shopify Dawn theme? It’s one of Shopify’s premiere 2.0 themes. if anyone has seen a hack or some code snippets that can get it to work, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 15 March 2023, 15:54

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6 replies

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Hi @studio2f!


While the Dawn theme isn’t technically a Klaviyo-supported theme, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to implement a back-in-stock button - it just may take some extra/custom development.


Here are some threads that discuss this same issue, that might help get you started:


The bottom line is that this will likely take some extra CSS or JavaScript to accomplish, so you’re always welcome to reach out to one of our wonderful Official Klaviyo Partners if you’d like more help with development.


Thanks for using the Community!

- Brian


Brian, respectfully, your answer is ridiculous. I share the OP’s frustration and there are admittedly multiple threads calling out an integration issue with one of Shopify’s top themes. It’s rather embarrassing that Klayvio, the king of the Shopify email marketing platforms would throw it’s hands up and say it’s unsupported. 

Rather than punt the responsibility for a feature that you guys created, why not just assign this to the necessary product team and have them revise the code snippet and installation instructions so it functions as expected? I imagine your devs could knock it out before finishing their morning coffee. 

I encourage you to escalate to your higher ups if necessary. 

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Hi @New2Klayvio,

Our team values this feedback and I can assure you that our Product Team considers and prioritizes every request carefully in order to provide the best possible experience.


I will definitely supplement any existing product request with these thoughts, and I appreciate your candidness.




Has anyone found a fix for this yet? 

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@studio2f @jgao000 I just published detailed documentation on how to add Back in Stock with any Online Store 2.0 theme, including Dawn.


Sometimes, fellow users or Shopify experts may have encountered similar challenges how to stops and could offer guidance or workaround solutions. Additionally, Shopify's documentation or developer resources might provide insights into customizing themes or implementing additional functionalities like the Notify When Back in Stock feature.