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  • 26 December 2020
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Hello all,

Over 12 months ago I started looking at Klaviyo and trying to work out how to integrate it with my Clickfunnels funnel.

I got so confused with it and support was unable to assist me so, in the end I just left it. The thing is though, it looks a phenomenal platform so, here I am trying again.

I'm hoping there will be someone on this forum familiar with Clickfunnels and able to assist me with the integration, I'm willing to pay for help if needed.

I have been looking at this page: which has all the info I need to capture but, like I mentioned above I’m unsure what to do with it.

Looking forward to a Christmas miracle.

Kindest regards

Andy Haycock



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7 replies

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Hi @Activite, so I do have a couple of questions that I think would be helpful to have additional background on. Where would customer orders get processed? Would this happen in clickfunnels or a different ecomm platform like Shopify? 


The reason I ask is that the link that you provided above ( does contain what needs to be connected if you are running your ecomm site through a non native integration meaning something that is not Shopify, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, or BigCommerce and want to utilize Klaviyo. This would be work that a developer would typically handle which you could outsource or if you have an in house developer, they would need to do some work with our APIs to connect typical ecomm events such as a started checkout, placed order, etc. so you could use these events to create flows (automations) such as an abandoned cart and also segment with.


It does also seem like you could integrate through Zapier ( but this is the information that would get passed over so depending on how you plan to utilize Clickfunnels and Klaviyo together, the information passed between the integration may not be enough and some work by a developer would still be necessary. 


Let us know the use case you have in mind or the big picture and hopefully we can help point you in the right direction!



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First of all, thank you for replying to my issue.

(Where would customer orders get processed?)

The sales pages are on the Clickfunnels platform, and orders will be processed through Stripe and Paypal.

(It does also seem like you could integrate through Zapier.)

Yes, I have a two-stage order form and created a Zap to add subscriber details into Klaviyo when submitting the first stage.

I also tried a workaround to pass order details but, that didn’t work.

(Let us know the use case you have in mind or the big picture.)

I may be shooting for the stars with a toy gun. However, I would like to take advantage of as much integration as possible to allow the business to scale in the future.

I hope this helps.



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@Activite, thank you for providing that information clearly and concisely. So I’m glad you were able to set up the integration through Zapier to fully utilize the capability of that particular integration.


So to take it an additional step, we do have an integration with Stripe (How to Integrate with Stripe) that would bring in metrics of failed payment, issued invoice, refunded payment, sucessfully paid and the article linked has an example of how you could use one of those metrics (failed payment flow). 


What that integration doesn’t have is events such as started checkout, placed order, etc. which would be necessary if you wanted to send an abandoned checkout email. Is there something analogous to these events in those platforms? That would be the next step in making sure those events could be passed over if you want to take your Klaviyo functionality a step further but at the moment, it sounds like a developer may be required to pass over those metrics to be used in Klaviyo.


Happy to take a look at your site if you feel comfortable providing the link.  





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Yes, sure, Paul.

The URL is

There are ten main pages in the funnel with upsells and downsells etc. plus the T&C, privacy & cookie pages.


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Thanks @Activite


So when somebody fills out the shipping page and provides their email, is there an event tracked in clickfunnels with that information and if so what is the name of that event? What about when somebody completes the quantity information, and moves further down the path in terms of filling out more information? 


At the moment, there is some basic information that you could utilize to create segments to send campaigns but if you wanted to use automations, these metrics would be needed so if somebody starts filling out information but doesn’t ultimately end up making a purchase, you could send an automated email giving them a nudge to continue with the process or use some other automations based on an initial event trigger. 


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The information I’m getting is sparse, and it doesn’t track each step in the way you are referring. Certainly not enough to do what I want to do, I tried to set up a post-purchase flow, but had no order placed metric to trigger it.

I’m thinking I need to find someone to give me an idea of the cost involved to set up the full integration.

Could you help me with this?

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@Activite, we do have a Klaviyo Agency Directory where you can do some scoping using the filter features and see if one of our partners would be a good fit. Klaviyo Agency Directory

The filters you may find useful are Location/Region since I believe you are located in the UK and it would it might make sense to connect with someone in a similar timezone, the budget, and the custom eCommerce Solutions or Custom Integrations Design and Development boxes in the Development & Design section.

Alternatively or synonymously, you could always create another post in Community dedicated to asking for suggestions/recommendations with regards to developers customers have worked with and had a good experience with and see if you happen to get any responses with recommendations from other Klaviyo customers with developers perhaps there is even a developer that could see the post that might reach out.   

Hope this helps and we’re able to get the correct metrics passed to Klaviyo so we can help you maximize your revenue and targeted approach to emails.