Event Tracking for Forwarding Recipients

  • 22 July 2021
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What would happen if recipient A forwarded the email to person B? and person B clicked through the email. Could their activity start tracking under recipient A?


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3 replies

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@bthreinen - If I recall correctly, when an email is sent, all links are hashed (embedding in the Klaviyo Profile ID) in a giant hashed URL. Copy/paste a link from a Klaviyo email and you’ll see what I mean.

When you click on that URL, it first goes to Klaviyo which unpacks the hash on Klaviyo’s server (records the click) and then instantly redirects you to the destination URL.  So I would assume if an email is forwarded, and Person B clicks on an email, the clicks would be attributed to the original recipient (Person A) because the hashed URL probably has the identifier of Person A.  In other words, that link is never changed even when you forward it on..

The one caveat is if Person B also happens to be an identified (cookied) Klaviyo User too, perhaps Klaviyo can untangle that? 

Curious to know too!


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Thanks for the reply. I was able to get more details here.


That new person who received the forward and clicks through to the site would be tracked in Klaviyo as the original receiver of the email. When the click through to the site they will be given a __kla_id cookie based on the tracking sent through from the link assuming they don’t already have a __kla_id cookie. From then on they will send tracking events for the original recipient. This will continue to happen until that person who was forwarded the email makes a purchase, then it will create a unique cookie to that new user and it will start pulling metrics into that newly created profile OR until that person clears their cookies.

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Hey @retention and @bthreinen,

Thanks for sharing and following back up to your initial question! I’m sure the information discussed here will help serve other Community members who many be curious about how forwarded emails are tracked too!

Appreciate you both for jumping in and being members of the Community!