How do I strategically use Typeform considering the number of Klaviyo active profiles?

  • 30 September 2021
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Hi all, I’m new to Klaviyo and I’ve just learned about Typeform as well in order to perform surveys and attach responses to Klaviyo profiles. I am trying to figure out how best to strategically use this integrated tool.

  1. I noticed that Typeform offers several pricing plans directly correlating to the number of responses per month. I’d like to understand how other Klaviyo clients are best using Typeform to collect responses if they have a high number of active profiles in their account? For example, if you have 25,000 active profiles in your Klaviyo account – do you sign up for the Business plan with Typeform that allows up to 50,000 responses per month so you can send surveys to your entire database? Or, do you sign up for a lower tier Typeform plan like their Plus or Basic and strategically send surveys only to very highly engaged profiles?
  2. Can anyone clarify for me whether the Typeform number of responses per month is based upon the number of individual answers collected among all recipients? For example, one survey contains 5 questions – am I charged for 50 responses if 10 recipients answer all questions in the survey? Or, is it based upon the number of recipients that complete a survey (regardless of the number of questions each recipient answered)? For example, am I only charged for 10 responses since 10 recipients answered all 5 questions within each survey?

Thanks for your help in advance!


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Hi @DanaP - welcome to the community!

I have a number of clients that use Typeform or Octane AI for surveys and quizzes to capture zero party data. And it’s great that you’re already thinking ahead on this!

From my experience, it’s not likely that every active profile in Klaviyo will go through a survey or quiz in a single month, so I think you might be overestimating.  In fact, some of my clients who have many times the total active profiles than 25K or 50K, only send surveys to those who subscribe and those who made a purchase - so for the number of monthly responses, the Plus plan was totally sufficient.  

You can approximate how many responses you’ll need by looking at your recent Campaign Click Rate or Unique Clicks. And given typical survey complete rates are anywhere from 20-80% - which are highly depends on the number of questions and how relevant they are.  You can do the math to see how many responses you’ll likely get.  My gut tells me you’ll be fine on the Plus plan and then of course you can move up from there which would be great because it means you’re getting a lot of responses!

 Hope this helps!

Hi @retention thanks so much for the quick response and welcome. Your insight is very helpful to better understand what tier I might need to consider with Typeform as I get started.

I also have an update since my post yesterday regarding how Typeform considers “responses” for their billing. I’ll include that answer here in case anyone else is wondering like I was. One of their reps confirmed for me directly, “When we talk about responses we count the ones that complete a survey and submit their responses (regardless of the number of questions each recipient answered).”