How to connect Dropbox + Klaviyo

  • 9 September 2021
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Hello I am looking for a way to connect my dropbox with Klaviyo. I see a few third party programs online, however I am not sure which one to use. Does anyone have any experience with this. 


Thank you in advance. 




Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 10 September 2021, 16:43

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Hi @clover


Welcome to the Community Forum! We are so happy you’re here and thank you for sharing your question with the Community.


When trying to integrate information into Klaviyo through a third-party vs an in-store, supported integration, it is always a good idea to investigate if there is as ‘middle man’ that can connect your integration with Klaviyo. For instance, SquareSpace is not supported in Klaviyo, however, many users have connected their Squarespace stores through Zapier. It does seem like you can Connect Dropbox to Klaviyo by Using Zapier as the connector between the two. You will need to first Install Zapier into your Klaviyo Account and then connect Dropbox to Zapier, linked previously. It is important to note that because Zapier is a third-part integration, if you need help troubleshooting or are experiencing issues, you will need to contact their helpdesk ( as Zapier will have more visibility into the integration issue than Klaviyo does. 


Check out these other Community Posts by fellow users to learn more about how Zapier can connect other integrations into Klaviyo for our fellow users:




Thanks for being a part of the Community! 



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Hello Taylor, 


Thank you for your response. I am trying to transfer files from dropbox to Klaviyo. Zapier does not do this. Is there any other programs that would work. I have hundreds of photos I will be using in my campaigns and will need to import them into Klaviyo. Also I don't see a good way to organise my files as I upload them. I don't want them all going into one large folder that I am going to have to scroll through each time I build a campaign. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am already adding words to the file names for search ability. But it would be nice to be able to separate my photos into folders. 


Kind Regards, 


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Hi @clover


Thanks for giving me some more insight into your situation, I appreciate it! 


Unfortunately, there is no way to organize photos in this way in our library. A potential workaround for this would be to Publicly Host Images in Dropbox and create custom email templates using HTML to pull in the desired hosted images. This process would allow you to keep level of organization you want for your photos. If you choose to host your images, make sure you have the correct sharing permissions enabled on the image files you intend to use. We recommend hosting these files publicly to ensure that all your recipients will be able to access it. It is important to note that once creating your template, will need to Import the Custom HTML Email Template into Klaviyo, as it is not a template created inside your account.


I will note that we only recommend using custom HTML for technically savvy marketers, or for anyone who has access to a developer. Klaviyo does support custom HTML,  so we will be unable to help you build out your custom templates beyond offering the general guidance covered in this documentation above.