Import reviews csv from a different platform not listed in Klaviyo reviews

  • 9 August 2023
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Hi. I am using Rivo Reviews and I want to try out Klaviyo reviews. I have installed the widget and am now trying to import my reviews into Klaviyo from Rivo, but it doesn’t seem like I can do so as Rivo is not listed in the drop down selection of other review platforms. How else can I import these reviews? Thank you.


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7 replies

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Hi @Empath Designs!

Here’s our Help Center article on this topic if you’re interested:


Can you provide a screenshot of the part where you are stuck? As long as Rivo allows you to export a .CSV, and the .CSV is formatted as recommended in the above Help Center article, you should be able to import the reviews. Perhaps some further information will allow myself and others obtain a better understanding of the issue.





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Hi Brian! Thank you for your reply.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the csv I exported from Rivo. 

I even tried clicking ‘export reviews’ from Klaviyo , and manually input the reviews from Rivo into the Klaviyo format, but I can’t upload it without selecting one of the providers listed in the dropdown (I tested using Shopify Product Reviews to see if I could bypass it). 

I’ve read that article but still stumped as to how I can import existing reviews.



@Empath Designs, I am facing this same issue while attempting to import reviews from Trustpilot (also not listed as  a selectable option for csv formatting.) Following this thread, and hopeful we’ll be met with a solution! :)

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Hey @Empath Designs,

From that screenshot, it looks like the Product IDs in that column are in scientific notation instead of a long number format. Hence why you’re getting a “Product not found” error after import. 

I would recommend making sure that those Product IDs are in the correct number format. This change in format can happen automatically sometimes when it’s opened in Excel and saved as a .CSV again.



 @Brian Turcotte @David To I am facing this same issue in attempting to import reviews from Trustpilot. Though I am also received the error message “Product Not Found” just like @Empath Designs has experienced, my Product ID’s are correctly in long number format. It seems the issue could lie with having to select a review platform we are migrating from, even though our platforms are not listed as options.

I am moving reviews from Squarespace CSV and facing the same issue with the products not being found. Confirmed the product IDs are correct in Klaviyo. 

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Hey @MyJuly,

Great feedback there! You’ll be glad to hear that our Product Team is hard at work expanding on the number of selectable review platforms when migrating. One of the difficulties - which you’ve already touched upon  - is not all review platforms share the same file structure when exported. Even minor differences - an underscore here or a capitalization there - can cause a misunderstanding through the importer. 

In the interim, since you’re migrating from a non-listed provider, I would suggest reformatting your .CSV to align with the default format below and import as Yotpo. 

Product ID

Reviewer Email

Published Image Url

Reviewer Display Name

Review Title

Review Content

Review Score

Review Is Verified Buyer (Yes / No)

Reviewer Country

Review Status

Review Creation Date

323132323233 Mark R. Great Product I loved this product, I thought it was fantastic 5 Yes US Published 07/22/2023 8:14:23
*Required *Required   *Required   *Required *Required       *Required


In order to have a successful import, your .CSV file must contain the columns with the following information - as denoted by the *Required in the example above:

  • Product IDs - that exactly match the product IDs synced to Klaviyo
  • Reviewers emails
  • Reviewers display name
  • Review content
  • Review score
  • Review creation date

Don’t forget, if you’re copy and pasting the data (even the example headers above), I would highly suggest pasting without format as best practice. 

@FloraGlow Studio, because Squarespace is a non-listed platform, I would suggest the above solution as well if you’ve ensured the Product ID data are in the correct format.