Integrating Klaviyo With Etsy

  • 9 April 2021
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I’ve had a look at the custom integration for Klaviyo, but I can’t understand how to pull customer emails into Klaviyo from the backend of Etsy. I can see that Aweber has this feature, but I don’t want to go with them! Plus we also have a shopify store that will be feeding into Klaviyo.


Does anyone have any experience with integrating Klaviyo with Etsy, or have any advice? 


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4 replies

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I’m very interested to see if there’s a way of integrating with Klaviyo. Using Zapier or similar comes to mind.

I have no idea of your business structure or your different sales channels so my completely uneducated advice would be to get off Etsy and put everything in your Shopify store. Then you own all your sales, all your data, and cut out the middleman. 

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Exactly! 80% is through Etsy, and currently trying to push the business weighting towards our main site on Shopify. In the mean time we are just keen to use Etsy whilst it is bringing in sales.

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Hi @OawBiz and @DavidSandel 


Thanks for writing in, happy to hop in here!


While we do not currently offer or support an integration with Etsy, if you have the resources available your teams could create a custom integration following our API guide.


My other suggestion would be to explore the options of third party integration creators but unfortunately we are unable to provide guidance around using those or endorse them. 


While I’m not super familiar with the flexibility of the Etsy system, as @OawBiz mentioned we do support custom integrations.


If you are able to collect proper email consent for marketing content you could hypothetically manually import your email contacts. Just be extremely sure that you have explicit consent from their contacts to contact them. Consent and timestamps can be imported as well.


Since we do offer a Shopify integration @DavidSandel didn’t have a bad idea either!


I hope this helps!



Try this:

1. Integrate Etsy to Shipstation This costs a trivial amount monthly but we use them for our shipping partner anyway, so for us this was a non-issue. If you don’t use shipstation, try to see if signing up pulls all your orders for a set period of time, open or closed. For us, it pulled 1800 contacts, 300 of which “accept marketing” since we had the account. This may not pull your historical data, but at a minimum it should pull future data. 

2. Integrate Shipstation to Klaviyo using their Integrations menu and the api keys.