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  • 3 December 2020
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Hello Team, does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate with Klaviyo? I want to capture email addresses from my social channels using but it only offers me MailChimp as an option for capturing emails. 


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@rob oshea For a previous client, we used a Zapier integration from to send to Klaviyo.  If you’re comfortable with using a 3rd party tool to integrate the two, this was the easiest way to automate this process without having to download emails from and uploading it to Klaviyo manually.

Basically, you setup a “Webhook” trigger in Zapier from to Zapier, and then use the Zapier Klaviyo Action called “Add Subscriber” to add the email address to a Klaviyo List.

Example in Zapier:


Here’s some additional information on integrating Klaviyo with Zapier:

Here’s the information on integrating with Zapier Webhooks:

Hope this helps!

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Jumping on board as this is exactly what i need to do too, but can you tell me would a free Zapier subscription be enough to allow me to do this integration? or would I need  a paid plan? 

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Hey @Tash Wines 

Jumping in to help answer your question. After looking at Zapier’s Plans & Pricing  it appears that you would need to use at least the Starter Plan to be able to integrate with up to three Apps, i.e. Klaviyo and The free plan does not allow for this unfortunately. 

Hope this helped! Thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!