Integration of klaviyo with woocommerce. it shows: Unable to access API with credentials specified.

  • 27 May 2021
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klaviyo is not connecting with my woocommerce store. it shows an error (Unable to access API with credentials specified.). i have tried almost everything it’s still not connecting. the Rest API keys are correct, public api key is correct too but it;s just not connecting



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Hello @loveshackgiftware,

In addition to the troubleshoot tips provided @Dov, I would also suggest ensuring that as part of the WooCommerce/Klaviyo integration is granted the read/write permissions within the REST API user role permissions. 

Another area to check would be seeing if your servers happen to have a firewall prevent these API requests from being accepted or completed. This can be resolved by allowlisting Klaviyo’s user agent of "Klaviyo/1.0", which is present in the header of all Klaviyo API requests. Allowlisting the agent will allow your firewall to function as expected but allow API requests with this header to bypass and make successful requests. 

Lastly, if you were still having an issue, this may pertain to your user permission levels within WooCommerce. To alleviate this, I would suggest ensuring your WooCommerce user permissions is granted access to make such a connection and to potentially reach out to WooCommerce support to triage and take a closer look at your user role.

Have a great day!


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Hi There! I have tried this with no resolve and still getting the same error. Any further steps to help fix this issue? 




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Hello @Lourdine Charles,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

I recommend trying some of the solutions outlined in the topic below: 


On a high-level, typically the issue behind the error is either a firewall, the WordPress plug-in or another plug-in interfering with the API. If you are unable to resolve using the steps in that thread I recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Delete the Klaviyo plugin in your store
  2. Delete the current REST API key/secret combination
  3. Re-install the plugin
  4. Create a new API key/secret and use this to reset the integration

Attaching the installation guide here as well.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.