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  • 7 March 2022
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Hello guys,

I have some problems with communication between.

  1. I want to integrate opencart with my website. I got this error: 

    We were unable to connect to your account. Please verify your settings. Any another website i add it works, but not with mine.


  1. I want to install signup forms. In source i find the code, but i got this error: Unable to detect that signup forms are successfully installed on your site.
  1. And another thing. On feed. On every feed i got this error: 

    Error fetching feed.

    The URL specified returned a 503 status code. Your feed must return an HTTP 200 response to be valid.


Do you know how can i fix this?


P.S. i use cloudflare but is on pause.

Thank you




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3 replies

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Hello @MarianT,

Sound like you’re having some integration issues! If you haven’t already, it may be a good idea to work with a developer or finding one from our wonderful Klaviyo Partner’s program.

Since it sounds like you’ve tested the OpenCart integration, have you ensured you’ve fully removed and disconnected the OpenCart integration each time you’ve tested? I suspect there may be a miscommunication or misalignment after testing so many times with various websites. Alternatively, you may also want to investigate your user permissions and roles between the OpenCart and Klaviyo integration to ensure you have the appropriate permission levels to connect to this website. Oftentimes, being signed into the incorrect OpenCart account when creating the integration within Klaviyo can cause this disconnect. 

If you’ve manually installed the Klaviyo.js per these instructions and are still receiving that error, this may indicate either you’ve installed the Klaviyo.js incorrectly or there is something on your website preventing the code from being recognized. Incorrectly installing the snippet includes placing it in the incorrect location or having any typos or errors such as leading or trailing spaces. Although less common, I’ve also seen this error if there are multiple Klaviyo.js associated with the website where a different Klaviyo account’s javascript is recognized first. In this event, you’ll want to ensure you only have one set of Klaviyo.js associated with the Klaviyo account you are integrating the site with. 

I think it would really help if you specified if this was a web feed or a catalog/product feed. From my experience, I’ve seen this error occur if you were inappropriately linking a catalog/product feed under the Data Feed section as a web feed rather than under the Catalog tab as a custom product feed. On small occasions, I’ve also seen this occur if the feed you were linking was not made public or there are restrictions on accessing the feed. Another thing to note is a 503 error usually indicates a server error meaning that whatever the issue is is related to the server that Klaviyo is attempting to reach. You may want to investigate this further with your feed hosting provider for more clarification.


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Hello David,


Thanks for your help.

The problem was with CloudFlare. I dezactivate the software and all works fine.


I have another problem here.

I tried to whitelist user agent Klaviyo/1.0, but when i activate the cloudflare it dosn’t work anymore.

You dont have any IP who i can whitelist in CloudFlare?



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Hey @MarianT,

Glad to hear you were able to get to the bottom of the issue!

Because Klaviyo’s IP changes dynamically, there would not be a single or range of IPs we can provide for allow-listing. Instead allow-listing the Klaviyo/1.0 user agent would be the best solution.