Is there any way to send klaviyo emails through another service?

  • 15 December 2022
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I noticed Klaviyo doesn’t support google annotation so I am looking for a way to get around this. I can think of using Klaviyo webhook and listen to the webhook from aws and send aws simple email service to send custom email with google annotation code. Do you happen to know another approach please share with me.


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 16 December 2022, 21:18

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Hi @SK101 and welcome back to the Community!


It’s true that there’s currently no supported method to implement Google Annotations since we don’t support scripts in email, so the code will not save properly due to the native HTML validator. 


I would typically advise against forwarding emails through other services/domains using a webhook for several reasons. The first is that webhooks are unidirectional, meaning that they can only pass data away from Klaviyo. Because of this, you would be voiding any email metric tracking that would occur on the other end of the intermediary email.


Secondly, this method could cause some violations of email consent if you were to use another entity to reach the customer (depending on the integration, your customers might be receiving the intermediary email from a source they did not consent to).


While there is no supported way to integrate Google Annotations with Klaviyo, there are many partner integrations in our directory that may accomplish your use case in a different way:


For example, if a customer wanted to use Google Annotations to populate a customer’s calendar after they purchased tickets to an event, they could achieve a similar effect by using the Eventbrite integration. Although I don’t know enough about your exact use case to supply the appropriate integration, it may be helpful for you to browse that directory for something that could achieve the desired effect in a supported manner.


I hope this helps clarify, and thanks for using the Community!

- Brian

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Thanks. I just want to add google annotation so that discount code or sales value(**% OFF) will appear when users open up the emails in Goole Mobile app. So I still need to send emails using third party app or use webhook to send emails using another serivce like AWS simple emails