Linking to Shopify for abandoned cart customer journey

  • 28 September 2021
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I have a flow set up for abandoned cart, which seems to be working well.

However, there doesnt seem to be a “back flow” to Shopify to show that the emails have gone out to these customers. Shopify shows as no email sent. 

Is this meant to happen? is there a way to set this up so there is a back flow and Klaviyo inputs the sent data to Shopify?


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4 replies

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Hey, I don't think that data feeds back into Shopify.  Curious, what would you do with that information in Shopify though?

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Hi @NatalieBH,

Wanted to add on here with some additional info. @Mailbox Manny is right in the sense that most data exchanged via a Klaviyo integration is one-way: data is pulled into your Klaviyo account so you can leverage a broad scope of your customer's data. We also have an article that outlines all types of information exchanged between Klaviyo and apps. I would love to hear what you wanted to do with this back flow data though!


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Hi @alex.hong 

I know some of the competition feed it back into shopify so that you can more easily see what your cart recovery rate is within the shopify GUI. Currently it’s not that simple to see which abandoned carts have actually been recovered and so its then harder to see if its actually working what you are doing. Unless I can find that somewhere within the klaviyo UI but if so I haven't found it so far. 

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Hi there @BBorseth,

So you’re right that we unfortunately don’t have an automated way to track abandoned cart recovery rate within Klaviyo. A metric is simply a metric within Klaviyo, so we don't distinguish certain metrics/events differently. If you are looking to calculate the percentage of your abandoned carts actually converted, that is possible manually. This can be calculated by dividing the number of people whose purchase was attributed to the flow by the number of people who received the flow.

Have a good day!