MailChimp integration imports contacts as "Never subscribed" email consent

  • 20 July 2023
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I’ve recently migrated a client from MailChimp to Klaviyo and noticed that all the contacts are coming in as “Never subscribed” as their email consent status. I’m well aware that we can still email these people, but the client is a bit nervous since Klaviyo’s very own support documents state that “you should take caution when emailing contacts with this consent status.” When in fact, they were ‘subscribed’ in MailChimp.


The workaround is to manually export the list from Klaviyo once the native migration is done, then turn around and re-import it with the consent status properly set. 


On top of that, there is currently no way to build a segment of contacts that have “Never subscribed,” so there’s no way of actually following Klaviyo’s advice of not emailing them. How can you not email them if you can’t tell Klaviyo to ignore them when sending a campaign that they may otherwise meet the conditions for?


Klaviyo needs to:

  1. Update their MailChimp integration so that ‘subscribed’ contacts come over with the correct consent status
  2. Allow us to build segments based on consent status (moreso than just suppressed and not suppressed).

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5 replies

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Hi @DavidSandel!

This is definitely a valid request and I could see how this functionality would be useful for this case - I’ll forward this to our Product team as a feature request on your behalf, and I’ll keep the thread updated with any developments.




Hi @DavidSandel and @Brian Turcotte ,

I have just had the exact issue with Mailchimp subscriber imports. My client is also wanting to ensure that the details in Klaviyo advise Subscribed.

From your workaround, David, I understand I need to export the list from Klaviyo and then to re-import it again, I am unsure though how amend the consent status so that it is correct.

Would either of you mind advising how this is done please?

I’d greatly appreciate it.

Kindest Regards,





Hi Again,

All good I worked it out. 

Appreciated that you added the work around in your original post though David wouldn’t have known where to start otherwise .



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@DavidSandel @MyBella what we mainly do is keep consent based on the list. So have only one list that you use to manage if people are opted in or not. 

Using the consent status is something that could also work but coming from years of using Klaviyo we've found that maintaining one list is the best way to keep track of this. Then it's just a matter of is subscribed to list or not.

hope this helps!

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hello, I jump back on this topic because I’ve had the same issue. All the contacts imported from Mailchimp result in “never subscribed”. This is incompatible with the new condition that Klaviyo has to identify the subscribed-not-suppressed contacts (refer to: What should I use instead?